Animal Collective on Conan

Last night, Animal Collective, who don’t exactly spend a ton of time on the late-night talk-show rounds, came through Conan and played their frantically dubby Centipede Hz single “Today’s Supernatural.” They brought their trademark total lack of stage presence and performed in what looked like a series of glowing shark mouths, presumably inspired by the Centipede Hz cover art. I wonder how Conan managed to convince them not to play a half-hour jam of unreleased material. Watch it below.

Centipede Hz is out now on Domino. Also: Conan just doesn’t care anymore, does he?

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  1. I may or may not have screamed when I saw that Panda Bear was drumming again.

  2. Awesome button pushing bros.

  3. Christ…. Turn the rest of the band up please? Loud.

  4. How is Geologist surviving without his head light!? It’s pretty dim back there.

    This is good but yeah the band needs to be louder. Singing overpowers everything.

  5. Here’s an interview with Deakin talking about how they pissed off Conan the last time they were on:

  6. Oh COME ON. Animal Collective is phenomenal. I saw them in Portland last Thursday and they rocked the s*** out of the Crystal Ballroom and Avey Tare was raging!

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