Best Coast

Last night, Best Coast played a show in Brussels, Belgium, and the band made the fairly ballsy decision to cover Nirvana. They took on “About A Girl,” quite possibly the most swoony-romantic song in the Nirvana catalog. And if you had to pick a Nirvana song for Best Coast to cover, it’s probably that one. Watch a crisp, clear fan-made video of the fuss-free performance below.

(via Pigeons And Planes)

Best Coast’s album The Only Place is out now on Mexican Summer.

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  1. I forgot about that band. Best Coast, not Nirvana.

  2. Her vocals are pretty good on the song.

    The drummer needs to learn to play and he would benefit from LISTENING to the song before just diving in. He botched the drums and the arrangement was wrong as well.

    Seriously, it’s a very basic song. Not hard to play it right guys…

  3. Of course Best Coast covered Nirvana.

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