Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind

Ferocious hardcore cult heroes Converge release their new album All We Love We Leave Behind next month, and I, for one, cannot wait to hear the thing. We’ve already seen the video for leadoff single “Aimless Arrow,” and now we’ve got a new song in the form of the merciless, complex two-minute banger “Shame In The Way.” Hear it below.

All We Love We Leave Behind is out 10/9 on Epitaph.

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  1. Michael_  |   Posted on Sep 26th, 2012 +1

    Clearly, this has potential to being one of the year’s best albums.

    Also, Converge totally called me out on Twitter for absent-mindedly getting Jacob Bannon’s name wrong in my post last night for this (I wrote “Jay.” Sorry, Converge. Yesterday was a long day, my head was fried and aching and given that I don’t get paid to write or make money off my site, I’m not quite sure laying into me via public tweet for an honest mistake was really all that warranted. Like, hello, I’m an amateur. My site operates out of my bedroom. If anything, it’s to your benefit since it just gives you free press.

    I’m sure Tom here laughed at my expense, because this post went up soon after the virtual hand slap.

    • Nope! Didn’t notice, and you already know that I make my share of typos.

      • Michael_  |   Posted on Sep 26th, 2012 +1

        All I could think of was that time you called Annie Clark of St. Vincent “Annie Smith.”

        It’s such a humbling experience when a musician you admire catches your slip-up and gets irked. I understand why they might be dissed — especially a vet act — but I wish they’d also see it from the other end that you wouldn’t even bother spending your time writing them up if you didn’t support them, and you’re throwing up the post with no benefit to your own self or pocket.

    • Michael_  |   Posted on Sep 26th, 2012 +1

      It was my mistake, ultimately.

      Go Converge.

  2. Great post, Tom. I have a personal story that deals with Converge:
    Most of the friends I had during and right after high school were into metal and hardcore, and while I sort of went with the crowd I could never engage in it the way they could. I remember when I started listening to things like The Libertines, Bloc Party and Spoon (this was roughly 2006/2007 by the way) I found myself somewhat isolated. I’d try to play something like Sufjan or even Arctic Monkeys in the car and was subject to ridicule.

    For reasons still not entirely understood by me, I agreed to go to a Mastodon show where Converge was one of the openers. My group planted themselves in the front row where I endured until Converge took the stage. I’ll admit to hearing them in album format and not giving much thought to it but damn…their set that night was still one of my favorites.

    The best moment by far was when a fan who had made his way onstage attempted to stage dive and ran straight into Jacob Bannon, who had to stop singing (er…screaming) mid-verse (what I think was a verse) because he was almost knocked over. Bannon was visibly a little annoyed, but rather than lose his temper like I’ve seen so many musicians do around rambunctious or reckless fans, he lowered the mic, shook his head, made eye contact with the fan and beckoned him back on stage for a re-do. Not only did I admire his poise and the fact that he was being gracious to someone who had collided with him during a performance, but I appreciated the fact that doing the gracious thing was not his first instinct. It was humanizing and sincere to see that he had to fight off the impulse to get angry, that some urge in him was trying to get him to act on that irritation, and he did the more noble thing anyway.

    A class act and a great band.

  3. this , neurosis, swans – tis a good year for heavy music!

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