TEEN - In Limbo

In Limbo, the debut album from Brooklyn BTW TEEN, is full of fractal, kraut-damaged space-pop. And as it happens, its swirling rhythmic grace makes for prime remix material. We’ve already heard Dan Deacon’s take on “Better,” and now Wisconsin dub-pop duo Peaking Lights have transformed “Sleep Is Noise” into a bubbling six-minute zone-out. Hear it below.

(via FADER)

In Limbo is out now on Carpark.

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  1. I own this album, and I am really into it. I am not really into this remix. That said, has anyone ever heard a remix that they honestly and truly preferred to the original (and I don’t mean mere alternate mixes when I say “remix”)? I think anyone who says “yes” is lying. So for God’s sake, everyone please stop making remixes. You’re wasting everyone’s time. We already know that anything can be made into a club song or EVEN MORE of a club song.

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