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  • Lana Del Rey & Jaguar
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Lana Del Rey

As reported before, Lana Del Rey is prominently involved with the ad campaign for Jaguar’s new F-Type, and today the fruit of that relationship came into existence with a commercial. It features a new song called “Burning Desire” — which she performed at last night’s launch party in Paris — and you can watch the ad below.

Here’s LDR performing “Burning Desire” the launch party:

The Paradise Edition of Born To Die is out 11/13 on Interscope. Watch her recent H&M ad here.

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  1. The front of the car was inspired by her face

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  4. Feel like this is the sort of advertising that will probably miss its target audience. I would venture to guess most of the people who actually know who she is can’t afford the car.

    • That ad agency is fired! Imagine giving Lana nearly a million dollars for an ad campaign for the most important car that Jaguar ( a many multi-billion dollar global company) has released (according to their PR materials) without first checking with Nick Degel (Stereogum commentator) if the advertising was on target! More importantly she got the deal despite Ian Rayfield (Stereogum commentator) not approving of her beauty!

      • That car is sexy, just like her… it was just the perfect chance for a joke with that front grill, ha

      • So what you’re saying is I’m not allowed to share my opinion about this? Or is it that I’m not allowed to share any opinion you don’t agree with? Let me know which one it is because I don’t want to go one more day of my obviously terrible life offending the great Sam Gho (Stereogum commentator).

        • Jesse Aitken  |   Posted on Sep 27th, 2012 -4

          Actually, it’s Sam Gho (the shill who pops up whenever someone badmouths LDR). Just in case there’s another Sam Gho who doesn’t get paid to read music blogs.

          • Yes, I am a shill, a shill for the vast numbers of fair-minded Lana fans, who find themselves besieged by a relatively small group of online Lana haters, who no matter what the news article/blogpost is, pop up with same virulent comments, without any regards to truth or fairness. I was not even aware of Lana before the SNL performance, but then was amazed by the rivers of hate that I saw being directed against this person by anonymous commentators/posters, mostly about things that seemed completely peripheral to her being a singer (using a stage name, maybe having a moderately rich father etc.). Any article about her would be followed by someone posting some outrageous comment, that would be immediately followed by other Lana haters, not dissimilar to piranhas attacking a bleeding animal in a river. But why, what would drive such hate? I also noticed another amazing phenomenon, namely that even in the midst of all this feverish Lana bashing, whenever her videos got posted on YouTube, the comments pages would immediately get filled with pages after pages of the most vicious attacks for the most ridiculous things. But at the same time the Like/Dislike ratio of all her videos remained between 95-99%. That was an epiphany because it revealed a phenomenon, as old as life itself, namely the vast majority of good, honest people do not speak up in the face of wrong. In fact it is the silence of the majority in the face of evil that has led to some of the worst outrages in history. I therefore decided to speak up on her behalf because all her fans (those buying the millions of albums, or tens of thousands of tickets) were not speaking up. I have no interest in this other than what I have described.

            Just as an afterthought, I would like to apologize to Nick Degel, not sure what your feelings are about Lana (and I don’t care) but I can see your post was just expressing your opinion about the ad campaign.

          • Mike Love is a bag o’dicks.

          • First they came for the socialists,
            and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.

            Then they came for the trade unionists,
            and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

            Then they came for the Jews,
            and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

            Then they came for Lana Del Rey,
            and there was no one left to speak for Lana Del Rey.

          • No worries, Sam. We good.

          • “Actually, it’s Sam Gho (the shill who pops up whenever someone badmouths LDR). Just in case there’s another Sam Gho who doesn’t get paid to read music blogs.”

            Translation: “God! Sam Gho’s comment was so witty though it offends my sensibilities. MUST. TRY. HARD. TO. BE. JUST. AS. FUCKING. WITTY.”

    • Ok. I’m sorry. But that was really funny.

  5. What the fuck is this?

  6. Nick, I’m sure you’re a pleasant fellow but you’re very confused. Ian is correct – LDR is sexy but it’s not about her. It’s about the music’s vibe. Sex sells sports cars and Jaguar wants to sell lots of them to middle aged men. The last half of the ad plays a short clip of her tune and it’s a lot of heavy breathing…you know, the kind an aroused lady friend might make in the heat of the moment.

    • I can see what you’re getting at but, trust me, I’m not confused. They could have sold the sex with something more relatable to their core market. The image and the music doesn’t necessarily have to be attached at the hip.

      Ultimately, it really doesn’t matter anyway because no one is going to buy such an expensive car based on the commercial, regardless of who’s in it. The cheapest version of the F Type is going to go for around $70,000. People making that type of an investment are a lot more concerned about the gearbox and the 0-60 than the clout of the spokesperson.

  7. i’m not an LDR fan besides a few songs (each song got worse and worse until the deeply mediocre album), but the hate against her is so nasty, verging on misogyny. She has as much right to be covered on here as anyone else, fuck. and don’t pretend no one cares, she’s got a LOT of fans.

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