Tame Impala - Lonerism

Next week, Aussie indie rockers Tame Impala will put out their sophomore release, a record from which we’ve already heard the first two singles “Apocalypse Dreams” and “Elephant.” Dave Fridmann is behind the boards for this one and you can hear it below.

The album’s out 10/9; you can pre-order the deluxe edition here.

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  1. chyeah! now this is something.

  2. i played it for my cat, he’s pretty blown away:

  3. Saw them at a festival in Sydney yesterday. Easily the best set of the day :)
    The album leaked a while ago.. definitely one of my favourites of this year.

  4. Album isn’t actually out til next week (10/9) on Modular. But easily one of my favorite albums of the year.

  5. Being hit with the option of listening to Tame Impala’s “Lonerism” or Death Grips’ “Penisism” — I’m going to pussy out and go with Tame Impala first.

    • sounds like you man’ed up, mane.

      proud of you. 100% certified pantaloon jazzin’ you can’t go wrong with. Enjoy.

      CheersCheersCheers – D.

  6. Two words.


  7. one of my biggest regrets is missing them at a festival because i was stumbling around the camp drinking whiskey. now i’m reliving it, thanks!

  8. easily my alBUM of the year. feels like we only go backget the hell out of town. getting some serious beatles vibes off of this – some rub soul/revolve/sgt PP vibes. too much? nein, not enough. psychpoptittyparadeness. gonna be hard to top this – get me 100 cc’s straight to my capital D (yes pls). It’s like if the vines didn’t suck and mgmt didn’t try so hard to be weird and I like both those bands but they don’t hold a goddamn roman candle to this masterpiece. it’s TOOOOO fuxxin GORG’. 5/5 usher climaxes.

    - Captial D.

  9. great month for new music. tame impala, ultraista, john frusciante.

  10. Good sounds! But I can’t wait for these cats to get all kraut-rock.

  11. Best thing I’ve heard in a long, long time.

  12. Having a difficult time really getting into this one. The last album was so immediate for me, dunno why this is taking so long. It’s got some good stuff, just not as memorable. I’ll give it some time.

  13. I’m with Donny T love the psych pop. This is a great record.

  14. liked previous one better, caught me right away..this one not so much..too bad

  15. Just started streaming. The first track is fantastic! Will need a few listens on this baby

  16. hey guys, got my review up. i’ll trade you a page view for a downvote!


  17. I agree with the previously mentioned Beatles vibes. I’m really digging the “Why won’t they talk to me?” “Feels like we only go backwards” combo smack in the middle, but the whole thing is a good time.

  18. Achei o primeiro álbum mais significativo mesmo gostando desse

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