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On Saturday night, Jack White played a sold out Radio City Music Hall. Problem is, he only played for 45 minutes, something that incited the wrath of both folks in the theater as well as folks on Twitter. More, via the Observer:

Mr. White’s show began with a rollicking set featuring songs from his recent solo album, Blunderbuss, and tracks from his bands: The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather. From our seat in the nosebleeds, it seemed as though Mr. White’s music was enthusiastically received by the crowd. However, after about 45 minutes, Mr. White suddenly left the stage.

Thinking this was the standard concert tease that often occurs prior to an encore, the vast majority of the audience remained, clapping and cheering in an effort to encourage Mr. White to retake the stage. After more than 20 minutes, all of the house lights were turned on and ushers began to make their way through the crowd informing them the show was finished.

Allegedly, White said “What is this, an NPR convention?” and other rumors circulated suggesting that White was displeased by how many of that night’s tickets had gone to scalpers. Another rumor suggested White had bickered with a fan in the front row, eventually having the fan removed. I tend to agree with WSJ’s Jason Gay that once you charge upwards of $30 for a concert — the lowest face value for a seat Saturday was $40, and that’s before factoring in whatever the scalper markup was — you forfeit your right to openly mock attendees (beer is also very expensive at Radio City). At any rate, 45 minutes of material … yeah. Pretty weak.

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  1. These fans should look on the bright side, though; at least they didn’t have to hear more songs from ‘Blunderbuss.’

  2. At least he doesn’t have to look at a room for of hipster douchebags with cell phones screens in their faces.

  3. Still, 44 minutes longer than his one note concert.

  4. Jack White has always had a problem with “too cool to be here” New Yorkers. I saw him in Chicago and Memphis, and he floored us. Then again, the crowd wanted it. Maybe if he went on stage with a Macbook and a listless disposition they would’ve enjoyed it.

    • nice – forgot about “listless”. Going to use today, see if i can regain some of my friends.

    • Jack White started this tour at an NYC venue (Webster Hall) and played 2 full sets that night with the 2 different bands he is using. The next month he played another 2 nights in NYC at Roseland Ballroom playing lengthy, exuberant sets. Sorry. You will have to come up with other reasons why you are proud to live in the Midwest and for why you dislike NYC.

  5. I can’t wait to use “What is this, an NPR convention?” at the next party I attend. I’m sure it’ll get some laughs.

  6. npr used this story as a buffer between segments on morning edition today, they seemed to get a kick out of it

  7. A sit-down theater like Radio City (as great a concert venue as it is) is no place for a ROCK show like Jack White’s. Bound to end up awkward.

  8. This show was on Saturday night not Friday night as mentioned in the article.

  9. wait… is $30 for a ticket expensive? it would be like $80 minimum in Las Vegas to see Jack White. And most likely it would be sold out before it went on sale and your only choice would be $100+ for shit tickets on one of the reseller sites.

    • To me, going to a concert is anywhere between $70-150 for a ticket and $200 for gas to get there and back. And that’s assuming I spend the night on an inflatable mattress in the back of the car.

      Cue violins.

    • It’s a good rule for me to never spend more then $37.50 on a ticket, with fees. As it gets more expensive the venue gets shittier, the crowd gets shittier, and your view gets shittier. If no one you like costs less then $37.50 your not listening to enough new music, which surprises me if you’re on a site like Stereogum.

  10. I went to last night’s show, it was great. Not surprised he got upset the night before, there were a lot of people chanting 7 Nation Army like it was a soccer game between every song and using flash cameras excessively after being asked very politely not too prior to the set .

    That being said, I was bugged the most by the $5 Dasani.

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  12. jack white has a long prick history (double entendre NOT intended).

    Figure 1:

    I don’t care what Von Bondie did, no one should look like the villain from dirty harry (Figure 2):

    Conclusion? Jack White has a lil baby temper and has little distress tolerance.


    - DTata.

  13. At least he didn’t pitch a fit like Billie Joe Armstrong.

    • I’m not a fan of Green Day’s last few albums, but I really feel that Billie Joe was absolutely in the right in that situation. Green Day deserves some respect for being a hard-working, self-sufficient rock band that has maintained a substantial and loyal fanbase for two decades. The festival’s organizers drastically and suddenly cut Green Day’s set just so that they could remind the egomaniacal Usher that he is the most important person in the world. They deserved better than that, and the incident reflects a larger problem, which is that rock has consistently been treated with more and more disrespect by the mainstream since the late nineties even though rock musicians are generally writing far more of their material than the dominant hip-hop and pop artists.

  14. Jack White’s Blunderbuss bluster boots boisterous band fans in New York. And then later, storage jars. Tonight on All Things Considered.

  15. and people still suck his dick anytime he makes an appearance… fuck that guy.

    • i wish i got that kind of reception

    • It seems Jack White has always been a phony d-bag. From his fake vintage sound (I like a bunch of his songs but anyone who thinks it’s original or not closely derived from past artists actually doing something special is either lying to themselves or ignorant), his costumes and makeup, the rarity he fakes with limited releases of new music that he auctions on ebay, etc. I wasn’t going to say “fuck that guy”, but can we at least forget about him for a while?

  16. i think i’ll buy a cheap mike and a plastic guitar and make it big and complain about my fans and charge lots of money to see me and not like people who listen to NPR ..

    WAIT .. forget all that, i think i will just go listen to EXILE ON MAIN STREET

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