Killer Mike - "Reagan" Video

“Reagan” was the track on Killer Mike’s excellent El-P-produced album R.A.P. Music where Mike vented furious spleen at targets that included the last five presidents and Mike himself. The song now has an animated video that plays like a political paranoiac’s ecstatic fantasy, complete with giant killer robot and an Illuminati pyramid that, at one point, starts rapping. Watch it below.

R.A.P. Music is out now on Williams Street.

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  1. Can someone please send this to Fox News?

    Bonus points for Nixon cameo!

  2. Why just Fox News? How about all the other major “news” stations AND Fox? This video isn’t just attacking the evils of Reagan, it is exposing the manipulation of all the recent Presidents after him, Republican and Democrat. The whole concept that we, the People, still have a choice is laughable. No matter how many candidates we are given, they are all the same evil bastards that are literally destroying America and this world. Thank God Killer Mike had the courage to expose the seriousness of our state of society in this day and age. I don’t even know who to trust anymore. The devil is doing a great job at brainwashing humans. If only more people, like Killer Mike, would teach others how depraved we have become.

  3. This is much better than that old Eminem animated video telling me to register to vote. LOL

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