Solange - "Losing You" Video

Obviously, this week’s best music video wasn’t a music video at all: It was the one where Gunplay goes fishing. I could’ve watched that for at least two hours. But if you insist on actual music videos, there were some good examples of that this week, as well. We’ve got five below.

5. Bloc Party – “Kettling” (Dir. James Lees)

Most of my favorite childhood memories involve me and my friends beating the shit out of each other, and that particular aspect of childhood gets a gorgeously lyrical treatment in this video. Commenter Nick Degel informs me that the game they’re playing in the video is called British Bulldog, and I feel like I have a new appreciation of this guy now that I know the origins of his name.

4. Bat For Lashes – “All Your Gold” (Dir. Noel Paul)

The Gotye thing is still hard to get past, but it’s easy to forgive the song’s bizarre similarities to “Somebody That I Used To Know” when Natasha Khan is strutting and contorting her way across the beach with all the gracefully awkward charisma of an injured ostrich. Khan is a beautiful woman, obviously, but in this video and “Laura” before it, she’s shown a real ability to command a camera with a twitchy gravity that has nothing to do with how pretty she is.

3. Menomena – “Plumage” (Dir. Trevor McMahan)

A peacocking exhibition that starts working on its own internal logic, then abandons that logic, finds another logic, and keeps disappearing down different rabbit holes. It’s a fun ride, and the callbacks to past Menomena videos are fun. But I also find myself acutely wishing that I owned maybe a third of the clothes in the video.

2. Perfume Genius – “Take Me Home” (Dir. Patrick Sher)

Between this video, “Rusty Chains,” and “Dark Parts,” Perfume Genius is really building a discography that pushes some weird buttons in some not-unpleasant ways. Here, he’s a gender-bent streetwalker operating out in some godforsaken industrial area, and the whole thing just thrums with sex and doom.

1. Solange – “Losing You” (Dir. Melina Matsoukas)

I’d never heard of the South African Le Sapeurs subculture before watching this video, but apparently it involves indulging in high fancy even when you’re in the middle of a dustblown shantytown: Dressing in ridiculously fly tailored suits, twirling parasols, playing croquet, sipping tea from china. In a not-terribly-huge surprise, this stuff makes for some amazing visuals.

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  1. If they had a proper grass playground those kids wouldn’t get so banged up! We used to play a similar game called Red Rover that involved high speed collisions of small child bodies, but we had soft grass to cushion our falls.

  2. Killer Mike’s “Reagan” video was the most convincing political statement I’ve heard all week

  3. The Solange track popped into my head last night after listening to it just once days before. Thinkin her and Dev Hynes are a duo to be reckoned with.

    Also that she’s another definite candidate for Indie Crush, tho “indie” might be stretching it.

  4. Perfume Genius sounds a lot like Craig Wedren in parts of that song, and that’s really not a bad thing,

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    • I knew this one would get wordless down votes. I ain’t trippin’.

    • Open your mind man!

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        • You’re consistently an asshole.

          • If expressing opinions about music makes you an asshole then welcome to Holesville.

          • Really? How so? I don’t attack people. I don’t belittle or degrade other people’s personal opinions. I certainly have NEVER called anyone an asshole. In fact, I rarely direct my comments to one person or interact on a person to person basis at all. I just type my harmless opinions and go about my business. So I can only assume that you think I’m an asshole, A) because we have differing opinion, B) because you like k-pop. Either way, if that makes someone an asshole in your mind, life is gonna be a long hard struggle.

          • You don’t attack other people, I’ll give you that Cerebus, but whenever I do a quick scan of Stereogum’s comments, you’re the one that seems to give off the self-righteous opinionated asshole vibe when talking about an artist (case in point, the kind of half-assed assessment/put-downs of Solange Knowles), while taking the piss out of A LOT of artists. Like, there’s really seems to be nothing above a negative vibe coming from you. To change your opinion, of course, would be changing how the world works, but I’m just calling it as I see it (in my own little half-assed way myself).

            Also, correlation between me liking k-pop (I think it’s pretty dandy myself) and me thinking you are an asshole is slim to none. Tell me how life is going to be a long hard struggle again so I can attend to your condescension.

            It it makes you feel better, I will never pretend” that I have “ANY idea what kind” music or the quantity of music that you consume on a daily basis because that’s validating and relevant information to this Solange Knowles-related discussion.

          • My opinion is my opinion, that’s what these comment sections were put here for. If it’s not being directed AT an individual (and it RARELY is), it doesn’t matter one bit whether you or anybody else agree with it or not. Write a rebuttal or move on. Nor does it matter whether you or anybody else think it’s self-righteous. Which is a wholly unquantifiable notion in relation to a freestanding comment or opinion. You have no tone of voice, body language, facial expressions or any other context on which to base that insult. What DOES matter is that you have decided you are so far above everyone else, simply because you disagree with my undirected opinion, that you have now TWICE called me an asshole.

            I’d like you to read that paragraph several times, process it, and then decide who the asshole here really is.

            The last thing I will say to you on the subject is this; click on my name, read all of my comments and then explain to me how ALL of my comments have a negative vibe. You won’t be able to, because you are factual incorrect in stating as much. A vast majority of my comments are positive, or neutral at best. The fact that I don’t agree with the herd a lot of the time in NO WAY makes me, or my comments negative. That is simply your perception of a bunch of black lines on a computer screen.

          • Well, I did look at your past comments, and maybe I was unlucky in coming across some of your more nastier comments, but I stand with what I say simply because nothing that I said was a wholly descriptor of you. Though I’ve also noticed that you get very defensive and have an over obsession for downvoters…First world problems, dood.

            Also, note that I didn’t directly call you an asshole (though, technicalities don’t take away much from anything). I’m stating that you seem to give off the asshole “vibe” whenever you’re getting nasty feedback and you seem to come to conclusions about other people or other’s conceived notions about yourself very irrationally. Now if that isn’t deciding you are far better than someone else…

            Honestly, objectively look at the paragraph that I responded to in the first place and see how high of a pedestal you put your opinions on, solely on the basis that someone said to you “Open your mind man!”. It somehow elevated into a misdirected defensive tangent about how he assumed you were “some buttoned up indie douche face”, and how you told him to take into consideration, “If you knew me personally”.

            I dunno, I had some thoughts when I read that comment. Comments usually have tones too, and no way do I think or perceive myself far above everyone else. THAT is just not true.

          • Someone said “Open my mind man!”, which is in and of itself condescending, judgmental and without merit on every level due to their complete lack of knowledge regarding ANY facet of my person. I responded with a perfectly reasonable, non-aggressive (no name calling, belittling or degrading of any kind, no exclamation points, no all caps), in which I also GENUINELY thanks them for actually taking the time to write ANYTHING, instead of just down voting my comment, and YOU called me an asshole. And in what world does “You’re consistently an asshole.”, a direct quote from you, NOT qualify as directly calling me an asshole. And “First world problem,dood.”, isn’t at all flippant or condescending, right? And for the last time, if you believe all of my comments are negative, or even most of them, that’s on you. That’s YOUR perception. Lastly, I have nothing further to say to you. You have an agenda, I do not. Peace.

      • To throw in my last two cents here,

        If ever there was a way to edit commenting, I would’ve corrected it to say that I never called you an asshole directly TWICE, in defence of that ridiculous statement of me fledgling putting myself above everyone else.

        And If four letter statements like “open your mind man!” or “first world problems, dood” make you trigger happy with your words, or if you feel truly offended by statements like that, then I guess that’s that. The dude literally said it in the nicest way possible (neutrally speaking), probably even jokingly (First thing I imagined was a stoned James Franco saying that…iunno lol.). I dunno, I just feel you misinterpreted what that guy said by a wide margin (hence, downvotes) and even now, you’re explanations on how it’s the basis of an all-encompassing insult on a personal level, is still beyond me. (Plus, I don’t see the genuine thanks, but I see the condescension in the sentence. I could be wrong though :/)

        If it seemed that I was being flippant, and I’ll go with that since I don’t know how you thought I was being condescending, then it was purely WAS out of lack of seriousness, because you do come off as aggressive/overly-defensive (and yes you do use ALL CAPS) and like, isn’t it a first world problem to get downvotes in the first place? I’m just trying to make my peace as well.

        At the end of the day, I didn’t downvote your comments, I responded to them with probably more words than I would have like to used. You were just being a meanie to Solange Knowles in my opinion :( Losing You is the jam!

  6. I personally this video is the best.

  7. Rich, mainstream pop acts filming videos in poverty stricken places to add authenticity to their brand? Ugh, I feel dirty and so should they.

  8. Le Sapeurs aint South African, that’s a factual error yo.

  9. “Rusty Chains” was not a Perfume Genius video. “Hood” was though. I noticed that there’s a still from “Hood” that is up on the “Rusty Chains” mp3 – perhaps the source of confusion.

    I should be working on some school work. Instead I decided to submit this correction.

  10. Where the hood, where the hood, where the hood at?

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