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This week Death Grips leaked their own album, which is excellent, publicity stunt or not. Grizzly Bear covered NY Mag, which led to an insightful discussion about making a living as a musician in 2012. The Replacements and Blur reunited; The Smiths did not. And Brooklyn’s rusty, new Barclays Center hosted Jay-Z, whose discography we ranked for you. Here’s what you had to say about it all (it all = the Grizzly Bear stuff)…



Ian Rayfield | Sep 28th Score:29

Just rip the band-aid off already, stereogum. We’re all waiting for the clusterfuck that will be…. “Radiohead Albums Worst to Best”.

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#9 wilkerton | Oct 1st Score:30

Truth. These guys work hard and are incredible genuine and positive people. Don’t assume.

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Rob Matera | Oct 2nd Score:34

Grizzly Bear is NOT Nirvana. If anything, in a 90′s alt-rock context they are the Afghan Whigs, maybe. And I’m a big Grizzly Bear fan, but let’s be honest. I think if this was an article about Dan Auerbach living in a 450 square foot apartment it would be more compelling.

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#7 adddo | Oct 2nd Score:35

This conversation so achingly highlights the difference between being 25 and being 34.

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Kamilla Matisz | Oct 1st Score:37


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#5 pep-but | Oct 1st Score:38

Still, 44 minutes longer than his one note concert.

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Nathan Christensen | Oct 1st Score:45

This article and the one in New York magazine chose to cover this. You guys can’t really get mad at Grizzly Bear for answering questions. What answer would have appeased you? “Gee willickers, we don’t make much, Mr. Journalist, but we’re trying our darndest! Shout out to all the beautiful people who are stealing our music! You are the best!”

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#3 bluebear | Oct 1st Score:52

“Edward is a second cousin on his father’s side to Ed Droste”

It is totally unreasonable to assume that he receives financial support from extended family, let alone want to be dependent on them.

Quit being a jerk.

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#2 trinity firearms | Oct 1st Score:53

the moral of the story is pay for any music you enjoy.

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Mischa Smith | Oct 1st Score:64

to me, its not about any of the members personal wealth, it’s about good acts not being able to be compensated for their hard work.

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#5 butt | Oct 1st Score:-20

we love grizzly bear!! yaaaay!! what a bunch of idiots.

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Taylor Adams | Oct 1st Score:-20

Maybe they should just get a REAL job. Am I right?

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#3 butt | Oct 1st Score:-21

I’m not a big fan of those who combine hypocrisy and self-righteousness. Ed’s new song should be “It’s Hard Out There For a Forbes.”

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Santiago Belandres | Oct 1st Score:-21


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#1 butt | Oct 1st Score:-27

you know why he “doesn’t do that”? because it’s more fun to complain to journalists that you’re a struggling artist than acknowledge that you’re basically the Mitt Romney of indie rock.

you can knock me all I want, but I know what I’m talking about. veckatimest for example is an island owned by his family. Droste’s comments are just about as disingenuous as you can possibly get, he’s playing at “oh I’m a struggling artist, woe is me,” which I find kind of offensive. No one complains about money more than rich people.

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Dr. Feelgood | Oct 2nd Score:3

Na, they’re going to get back together. Thanks, though.

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[Amrit's prepping for DOSA HUNT. Promise he'll have an Ed Choice here next week!]

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  1. I don’t think it’s tongue in cheek, but still, Butt’s comment is hilarious.

    • Man, that is an unfortunate choice of words.

      • Hannalarious bro! Have you gotten any hate mail from Fiona Apple yet?

        • Haha, no. I really didn’t say anything mean about her. I have always liked her as a person and artist, but I stand by my very reasonable assertion that she is not cut out for jail and that the idea of a famous, waifish white girl roughing it in a cell in a backwoods Texas town is kind of funny. I don’t know why anyone got upset about me saying that. Sometimes people on here are just not capable of thinking rationally about the artists they like. I love Corin Tucker. She is one of my favorite songwriters, she is my favorite singer, and she is a nice person. Would I bet that she could defeat Crazy Bertha and One-Eyed Erma down at the county jail? No, no I would not.

          • Fiona would make you her bitch. She’d make you sit down when you pee.

          • Sitting down is as good as standing since both get the job done; a polite request would suffice.

          • I hear you, figured that, and was just messin with you. Just thought both your initial comments and the fallout were hilarious…

            In other news, about to leave for a Moz show. Can NOT fucking WAIT!!!!

          • Just wanna throw it out there, if anyone ever has the chance to see Morrissey, please take it. The man has a command of the stage like no other and his voice sounds insanely good. Not to mention that he still sheds his shirt in moments in triumph and sexual glory. Truly captivating stage man, chivalrous and gracious but a condescending grump at the same time. Plus his band was wearing “BASH” shirts last night.

  2. #stopusinghashtagsinthenontwitterworldforgodssakeyouhorriblehorriblesacksofshityoudeservetobebannedfromtheinternetforever #burninhell

  3. I was listening to Centipede Hz this week when suddenly my ear drum burst and my feet turned into rockets that launched me skyward.

    I think it finally hit me.

  4. Good to get out of this altogether this week. Tix for Tame Impala secured, Miike Snow in a couple weeks, fall’s feeling good in Maine. Autumn playlist if anybody is interested.

  5. Michael_  |   Posted on Oct 5th, 2012 +4

    Hey guys and ladies, I bought a ticket to the Monday showing of Dosa Hunt at 1:30pm knowing full well I couldn’t attend, but wanted to offer it up *FREE* *FREE* *FREE* *FREE* to anyone here that might be interested. Reply here, e-mail or tweet me and I can forward you the ticket confirmation.

  6. Seriously it just fits so well though…

    “the SMITHS, are NEVER EVER EVER EVER getting back together

    SMIIiiEEEEEiiiTHS are never ever ever getting back together

    you go talk to johnny talk to andy talk to moz

    the SMIIiiEEEEEiiiTHS… well, you get the idea…

  7. How is Dr. Feelgood so consistently funny? I love him.

  8. I’ve been a reader of Stereogum for more than a year by now and my ‘first ever’ comment made it to one of my favourite type of article here. I feel so honored.

  9. Also this week: raptor jesus yells at his computer about why it can’t show a Stereogum discussion on the new Godspeed You! Black Emperor album. Then, defeated, slowly sinks into his dino chair and mutters to himself about how nobody that comments on music blogs care about 20 minute songs that can infuse human spirits with infinite potential in the shadow of a crumbling political machine. And nobody gives a flying fuck about your 7 minutes drones either!

    This is the part of the comment where I come up with a witty hastag response but opt out since this is indeed not Twitter.

    Can’t wait to see what trumps ‘ALLELUJAH! DON’T BEND! ASCEND! for album of the week in two weeks.

    • Frustrated by that as well. You already made this point perfectly in the Death Grips comments but I can’t understand how their “leak” got all the hype when GY!BE did something I can honestly say I’ve never heard of: just, “Hey, sup? We have an album, btw. It’s at the merch table. Enjoy!”

      As for the album getting overlooked for album of the week, I hope you’re wrong. My first listen to Allelujah! made me feel the way I felt the first time I listened to Lift Your Skinny Fists way back when. So, fingers crossed, I guess. Either way, it won’t change how much I love the new album and Stereogum can’t take that away from us. DON’T BEND, RAPTOR JESUS! ASCEND! As you did on Dino-Ascension Day (which, btw, is one of the weirdest special days of the Catholic calendar, imo. “OK, everyone. I’m out. You can all watch me float up to heaven now. Game – blouses.” -Jesus.)

      • My heart jumped like it hasn’t in so long when I discover somebody had linked a vinyl rip to grooveshark. Sounds silly I know, but yeah, I was PSYYYCHED.

        I was kind of nervous though, that it might not be that good, that I had kind of outgrown post rock. I remember how profoundly I connected with this music in a really ethereal way when I was younger, and I was worried I just wouldn’t be able to feel it that way anymore.

        And I was worried for nothing, because these two pieces, and in particular “We Drift Like Worried Fire” are just perfect. It’s a terrifying, soothing, triumphant, sad, g damn MASTERPIECE. And even if this doesn’t lead them back in to a long career, the fact that they made this and it’s everything it should be is so so refreshing.

        • “the fact that they made this and it’s everything it should be is so so refreshing.”

          YES! YES YES YES!

          I’m getting older and, thus, I’m getting rather jaded. And “jaded” and “instrumental post-rock” just don’t go hand-in-hand these days. By this, I mean it’s easy to work your way through the GY!BE catalog and feel as if there are no more ways to do what they do effectively. So, to listen to Allelujah! and realize that opinion is dead wrong is the best gift a dude could as for. That’s not to say they’re doing anything Earth-shattering with this release. That’s not that point at all. What’s important is the music still pulls at the very core of your being. It makes you feel as if music effects you on a chemist’s level. And that’s a world I’d like to live in. A world where I can put on a record and feel tangible emotions I cannot describe other than to say, “just listen to it, you’ll understand.”

    • I think the week that Don’t Bend! Ascend! comes out will be the one week this month without a tough decision being made. Stereogum should start doing some more premature evaluations to make it easier on Tom.

  10. AWWW YEAAAA numbahh fourr, I’d like to thank the acadamy, and oh godd, i promisedd myself i wouldn’t cryy….

  11. I was just thinking, you guys should put a chat box in the home page only for people with usernames, keep it exclusive why not, just for when commenters have some really wild, crazy shit to say but not really an article that fits to put it in… you feel me.

    Also, was thinkin you could expand that feature with what bands do as side gigs and the geograhical scene feature as well,, y’know, just a couple sugg’s, which coincidentally could be thrown in the home page chat box i was just thinkin of.

  12. also, i’d very much like to make love to connie britton and hayden pantierre, preferably simultaneously.

    looks like they’ve got a bit of a rivalry though, so it might have to be one at a time…

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