Godspeed You! Black Emperor - 'ALLELUJAH! DON'T BEND! ASCEND!'

Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s new album ALLELUJAH! DON’T BEND! ASCEND! is out next week on Constellation, but today a full stream hit the web. It features two 20-minute pieces and two-6 minute ones in an alternating sequence. Hear it at the Guardian.

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  2. I honestly thought we’d never get another album from this band for the longest time.


  4. album of the year?

    • I don’t think so.

      Tracks 1 & 3 are indeed some of the best GY!BE songs. Perfectly paced with some extreme climaxes, something I felt “Yanqui U.X.O.” didn’t fully deliver. Plus they both get two cathartic dronescapes as outros, which I find to be very necessary.

      It is one of their shorter albums (depends on if you compare it to F#A# Infiniti on vinyl or CD) but maybe GY!BE didn’t need to put out another behemoth record. Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada is my second favorite GY!BE album and it’s a two song EP. Slap two drones on that record and it seems like you have this one. It still clocks in at just under an hour, but I think its brevity is a benefit in 2012.

      Nevertheless, this is a great album and it is worth celebrating with arms outstretched.

  5. Wow this is incredible…

    Really nice surprise to have an album drop like this out of nowhere!!

  6. Track #1 is a KILLER. ragga middle eastern drones with FUZZ cranked. lovely!!

  7. this shit needs more hooks. n 20 minute songs? i cud watch an episode of pawn stars in that amount of time.

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