Jack White - "I'm Shakin'" Video

Today, Jack White dropped the video for “I’m Shakin’,” the fired-up Little Willie John video that appeared on his still-great album Blunderbuss. White’s been famously touring with two bands lately, one all-male and one all-female. And in the video, two different Whites and both of his bands face off against each other, soundclash-style. Here’s how much of an egalitarian Jack White is: Even his all-male band has girls in it. It’s a fun, stylish video that gets over on White’s rock-star charisma and doesn’t crowd that out with too many extra elements. Dori Oskowitz directs, and you can watch it below.

Blunderbuss is out now on Third Man/Columbia.

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  1. Definitely my favorite song off the new album, video is merely neat.

    Now that new Thee Oh Sees music video… There’s a winner.

  2. I can dig it.

  3. What is this, an NPR convention?!

  4. just another Jack White thing stealing his sounds from The Stones Who stole there sounds from muddy waters and the rest of the blues outta the south. NOTHING ORIGINAL HERE ….JACK. The Stones were Guilty once, Jack is just re treading every musical tire since the 50′s. Boring and Unoriginal

    • Bringing old styles of music to a new audience in a slightly different package is how musical traditions get passed along through the ages. If somebody didn’t do it the music of the past would sit, gathering dust until it was completely forgotten. And Jack is far, FAR from the only one doing it. It’s no different than a story that is first told by one person and is then retold over and over through generations, small parts dropped, small new parts that relate to a more modern era added.

  5. I like it. Is it just me or are there some extra Third Man people in there? Black Belles maybe? Not sure who else.


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