The Rolling Stones - GRRR!

The Rolling Stones will be putting out the hits collection GRRR! in November, a release that will feature two new songs. Today, the first of those two songs debuted on BBC Radio 2, a hard-charging, catchy number called “Doom And Gloom.” Hear it below.

GRRR! is out 11/12.

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  1. I dont’ know about yous, but this is exactly what I want. i think this is awesome. I hope to not be shitting my pants at 68/69 let alone making fuxxing bangers like this. dojaknowatimean?

  2. That gorilla knows a good septuagenarian rock song when he hears it.

  3. Dunno who these guys are, but they are really ripping off Jet!

  4. Is it just me, or is that Gorilla kinda hot?

    • That’s actually not a gorilla, it’s actually a composite photo of all the remaining members of the band and all of the groupies they banged during the Voodoo Lounge Tour in 1993.

  5. This whole gorilla thing is super weird. Also, I can’t believe the Stones are releasing yet another greatest hits compilation. Come on guys.

    That said, I was expecting this song to be terrible, but it’s not! It’s VERY unoriginal, and yeah it sounds like Jet, but I dig it. Gets me pumped.

    I just put on “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” though, and man. That riff. Yes.

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      • Man if you liked that, check two posts up and prepare for your sides to SPLIT my friend!

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          • You’ll have to fill me in here, alien. I was agreeing with that other dude’s titch of sarcasm because there was a titch of truth in it. I’m missing the part where I’m oblivious, other than to the point you’re hinting at.

          • Maybe I’m a bit old school and believe in the theory of rock evolution in that nothing sounds like Jet yet everything sounds like The Stones, or at least in this singular case. Jet is a band that quite literally would not exist with The Rolling Stones.

            Now, I am assuming, in regard to the sarcastic jabs, that you cannot possibly believe that anything Mick and the boys have recorded can incorporate even a microcosm of Jet in their songs for it would be a sorta reverse Darwinism in a sense, meaning that what The Stones created can somehow be regurgitated (by them, mind you) to involve a sound that is similar to Jet, a band that should probably be sued for musical plagiarism based on the mere existence of The Stones.

            I think it should be noted as well that this cute band, Jet, is probably playing the junior college circuit at this point while The Stones are about to clock in their 50th year of success, continuing to grow their enterprise of a business called The Rolling Stones, releasing yet another few songs to go along with I am sure will not be a Hot Rocks hit collection, a documentary, and organizing a new album with a world tour scheduled for 2013. Meanwhile, really, really, really great bands are doing articles for NY Magazine moaning about living in 450 square foot apartments, and they are successful!

            So…all this being said, sarcastic or not, Jet doesn’t even belong in the conversation.

    • It wouldn’t be a Stones cover if it didn’t make you feel more than a little discomfort.

  6. Incredibly, Centipede Hz is still the least aesthetically pleasing album cover prominently featuring an agape mouth with red lips and exposed teeth this year.

  7. Somebody should really try to convince the management for the Stones, Dylan, Young, Petty, & Led Zeppelin, to do just two big outdoor shows for US/UK. Helps the economy, as people would drive from anywhere wherever they have the event. And these guys are not going to be around for much longer. And for a promoter, this would be the “Holy Grail” of events.

  8. Lyrically, kind of reminds me of Metric’s “Youth without Youth”- get Haines or someone else in this. This song is all Mick, so maybe some sort of duet or female backing could spice it up. It is pretty decent- kind of in the same vibe as Jagger’s blues number from SNL that got censored on a bunch of stations. There is some spark there.

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  10. I kind of love this. Is something wrong with me?

  11. I like the stones as much as the next guy, but doesn’t yet ANOTHER greatest hits album seem redundant? Why not just make a nice little EP?

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