M. Ward - "Me And My Shadow" Video

M. Ward’s new video for “Me And My Shadow” features a poisonous relationship between a manager and a teen star, which in turn paves the way for a rogue rescue operation from a (braces-adorning) fan. Conan O’Brien also stops by to play himself, which he has done in the past. Watch it below.

(via Team Coco)

A Wasteland Companion is out now on Merge.

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  1. WTF. I just don’t get why most videos are even made today. Will this be played on MTV?

    Doesn’t make sense. Same goes for most videos I see these days. After seeing this and the Mountain Goats video yesterday, I have to ask WHY????

  2. A BIT OF TRIVIA FOR YOU: Sgum senior writer Tom Breihan is in the “Denial Twist” video. CAN YOU SPOT HIM?!

  3. Allow me to try to explain it to you.

    Music fruition has never been and will never be an exclusively aural experience.

    Before the invention of sound recording, music fruition has always been in presentia: you had to share the same space as the performer to hear him play. And therefore there was always a visual dimension to add to the aural fruition of music. Whether we’re talking about a greek drama, an italian opera or a bluesman playing his guitar by the Mississipi, music fruition was always a multi-sensorial experience (unless you were blind or it was a pitch black night, of course).

    The invention of sound recording and things like headphones were, of course, attempts to isolate the aural experience to other sensorial stimulations, but simple things like the temperature of the room or the position of your body in it when you’re listening to music will have an influence in your aural experience.

    Now think of pop music. When it’s performed and not recorded, well, you’ve got stage production, lightning, costumes, etc. to fulfill the visual dimension of your multisensorial musical fruition. When it is recorded, pop music always produced things like sleeve artwork, posters, flyers, T-Shirts and other merchandising that gave an important visual significance to the aural fruition of music. Think of Pink Floyd for instance: its music has obviously an important visual dimension that is related to Hypgnosis design. In the eighties, MTV made music videos another important visual medium with one important and decisive difference: in opposition to merchandising, the aural and visual dimensions of pop music are co-present in music videos.

    Then came the Web. And what happened? All these media (records, flyers, posters, etc.) lost their relevance and the visual dimension of the multisensorial musical fruition has converged to music videos. Today most kids may know Pink Floyd songs without identifying the cover of their records and the majority of the mp3 they have on their iPods are even missing their tiny and poor jpeg images.

    So watching music videos is the new listening to music. And YouTube has become a music jukebox. With images. Even if that image is only a still image of the album cover where the soundtrack was taken from.

  4. I like fruits.

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