Grizzly Bear on Leno

Jay Leno isn’t especially known for his support of ornately composed indie-folk, so it was a bit weird to see him hosting Grizzly Bear on last night’s episode of The Tonight Show. But that’s the world we live in now, and the band stepped up, playing the beautifully tangled Shields cut “Speak In Rounds” with passion and conviction. Watch it below.

(via The Audio Perv)

Shields is out now on Warp.

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  1. Great song choice. It does a good job of showcases the dynamic strengths of the band and each of the band members.

    I still think it’s awkward having the traveling keyboard player sit with his back to the audience. I understand that there is no really graceful way to have him disappear, and it’s not entirely rude to try, but I think having him stand at a wall of keyboards with his back to the room just draws /more/ attention to them. The mystery of “Who is that man behind the curtain and what is he doing?” is pretty overwhelming. And then if you watch, he’s really jumping around a lot between instruments and knobs, and it gives the impression that he’s actually the hardest working man on stage. Especially since, Daniel spends the first minute of the song chilling out like a lizard on top of his guitar.

    • I like how he got to shake Jay’s hand and then before the video cuts out he shakes one of the guests hands. Sooooo if the idea was have him play sitting backwards so nobody thinks he’s “really” in the band… then that failed.

      But not as bad as the graffiti on the back wall of that stage. What is that horrible atrocity?

  2. favorite song from the album

  3. I know a lot of us are numb to it by now, but can we take a second to acknowledge that we live in an age where a band that sounds like this plays Jay Leno? Even more strangely, plays for the people that watch Jay Leno? Weird. Good performance, though.

    • Not sure if this is an endorsement of this band’s music or not, but either way it seems weird to me that people have not owned up to the fact that, with few exceptions, there is nothing inherently subversive about the music being created these days (lest to exclude it from late night television). If there was, we would probably still have subcultures in lieu of the endless co-option of music from bands whose main aim is to formulate, release an e.p., have a song in a Volkswagen commercial and break up before the year is out.

  4. Might be their best TV performance, other than SLeeping Ute. Sound was pretty damn good for TV. I wonder if they could handle SNL tho.

  5. can i say..all around…well tailored clothes.

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