Lana Del Rey - "Ride" Video

Last month, we heard “Ride,” the new Rick Rubin-produced ballad that serves as the single from the forthcoming Paradise Edition of Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die. And now, the song has a 10-minute mini-epic of a new video. If this even means anything, LDR herself wrote the video, and Anthony Mandler directed it. It’s a dreamlike, narratively fractured thing where LDR plays some sort of singer/biker chick/hooker character who gets involved with a succession of sketchy older dudes and who may or may not commit murder at some point in the video. Even at its extreme length, it’s a pretty enrapturing thing. Say what you will about Lana Del Rey, but she excels at this part of the game. Watch it below.

The Paradise Edition of Born To Die is out 11/13 on Interscope.

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  2. See you later today “Ride” video

  3. wow wow wee wow

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  5. WTF is a “road dove” ?

  6. Choked on my coffee when she mentioned her “happy times.” Lana Del Rey almost killed me.

  7. “she excels at this part of the game”

    I’d hope a model would excel at starring in a video. It’s the whole singing and writing songs part that leave something to be desired.

  8. Kind a beatnik video, I really liked it.

  9. I hate this.
    I love this.
    She’s ugly.
    She’s pretty.
    She had plastic surgery!
    She did not!

  10. OK. I NEED that swing in my life. The desert can keep the Del Rey.

  11. Zzz Zzz Zzzz

  12. so she’s finally admitting she’s a prostitute?

  13. Is anyone going to mention how incredibly inappropriate the headdress is? Did anyone actually watch the video?
    like w00o0o0ow

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