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’Tis the week before CMJ, which is the calm before the storm of free PBR and incessant energy drink branding on the streets of LES. ENJOY THE SILENCE. Or well not the silence, exactly, as this is a music blog and we are talking about music all the time. So ENJOY THE WEEKEND, at leaset, and get some rest before Wednesday’s big Stereogum/PopGun show at Glasslands (starring Dum Dum Girls!), and kick off all of that relaxation with a look at the very best, and very worst, of your mind nuggets from these past few days:



Nathan Christensen | Oct 5th Score:15

Ok here we go. Let’s start a Taylor Swift cover band with all of the lyrics changed to be about The Smiths.

The band name?
The Swifts

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#9  happy halladays | Oct 5th Score:15

Vol. 3 as #1? This is a joke, right?

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Michael Hanna | Oct 5th Score:21

Man, that is an unfortunate choice of words.

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#7  Michael Nelson | Oct 5th Score:22

I hear some version of this in the comments pretty regularly, and I never address it because one reply from me isn’t going to do much to change popular opinion, but I probably should try anyway, so here goes: As the person who edits these things, let me say for the record that there’s absolutely no internal policy guiding the writer’s choices in any of these lists. I’ve never said, “Hey, we all know Slanted is the best Pavement album, but slot it in at number 3 to generate some commentary.” No one here has. Nothing of the sort. The writers who do these lists know these catalogs backwards and forwards; all I ask of them is that they provide readers with as much historical and cultural context as possible, so these things aren’t empty clickbait but stand up as informative and illuminating works of analysis that provide value to the expert and novice alike. I’m honestly being totally transparent here. I’d be much more likely to ask a writer to re-work his or her list if it seemed deliberately contrarian than I would if it seemed painfully obvious. There’s no conspiracy at work, just differing opinions, you have my word.

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#6  orbital | Oct 5th Score:26

Guys… I’m starting to get a sneaking suspicion that all the albums released in ’92 might be turning 20 this year.

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#5  donnytilla | Oct 5th Score:28

comment defies judgment, yo

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#4  Rex Manning Day | Oct 5th Score:30

I have no real input re: the album rankings, but after watching this gif for about 3 solid minutes, I am confident in saying that that must be one of the most perfectly acted moments of all time.

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Jacob Taylor | Oct 11th Score:36

Dunno who these guys are, but they are really ripping off Jet!

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#2  shuffles | Oct 5th Score:51

If you’re having list problems I feel bad for you son.

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#1  mickrandom26 | Oct 5th Score:57
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#5  Cerebus | Oct 5th Score:-7

The words “Solange Knowles” and “listen”, or “watch”, or “press play”, etc. make no sense in my brain. I don’t understand why anybody would even take the time to do anything of those things, let alone consider it an appropriate top video of the week at Stereogum. Weird man, weird.

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#4  filthydubber | Oct 8th Score:-8

Encore with Linkin Park is the only song Jay-Z has even been a part of that is worth listening to.

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#3  dudley sword | Oct 5th Score:-8

the grey album got left out completely huh? but the linkin park collab was included? hmmmmm…

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#2  jbean | Oct 8th Score:-11


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#1  byers | Oct 6th Score:-11

Jay-Z has made good albums?

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Scott’s out of office!



Michael Hanna | 1:42pm Score:2

I hate this.
I love this.
She’s ugly.
She’s pretty.
She had plastic surgery!
She did not!

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  1. Clicked on Filthydubber’s account…I can’t tell if he’s a joke account or he actually thinks these things…

  2. I should have said I got 99 comments but a .gif ain’t one.

  3. Okay, I give. You’re my national anthem.

  4. I don’t have anywhere to sensibly put this:

    Diplo? More like Duplo, because he is a BUILDING BLOCK of a solid album, am I right?

  5. Number 1 in the hood g

  6. So this is a choral group of kids singing “It Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”.


  7. Hey guys, I know this off topic but I figured the Gummers would be the people to ask. After years of ignoring it, I’ve discovered a soft spot for techno and dance music. Specifically stuff like Underworld, Orbital, The Orb, Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works 85-92, and newer stuff like Actress, John Talabot, and Teengirl Fantasy. I also like most anything from Warp and Brainfeeder, especially FlyLo, HudMo, Rustie, TNGT, and stuff like that. I like a teeny bit of dubstep, but mostly older stuff (I love Burial).

    So long story short, my question is: any suggestions? I know, I’m actually asking to discuss music on a music blog, and that might be a tall order, but it was either this or /mu and I try to avoid 4chan. I’ll try anything once, but please no bro-step. I don’t needs no dropsies in my life. So throw anything my way that you think might fit in the net I cast, and I’ll try it. Thanks frands.

    • Sepalcure’s self titled album from last year is a great old-school Dubstep album. Skream’s self titled debut is great too. If I were you I’d also get myself acquainted with some classic Chicago House and Detroit Techno. I’ve just discovered and am loving Elite Gymnastics’ “Ruin” EP’s. And get yourself Daft Punk’s first two albums if you haven’t already done so. Justice’s debut is great fun if not exactly subtle. It’s a difficult section of the music world to get into as there isn’t the same canon of classic albums that there is with most genres.

    • My “techno” phase consisted mostly of trance and chicago-ish funky house. But a few of my favorite from that era are:

      -Richard Humpty Vission “Shut the F*** Up And Dance” and “Damn That DJ Made My Day” both great mixes

      -DJ Micro’s “Tech Mix Live” from Avaland (trivia, now the boston house of blues)

      -Slinky Tech-Nique may be my favorite set of trance ever put together, do NOT miss this one (

    • crabtron has some great suggestions I think synch up with your original order. Especially Bibio & Boards of Canada.

      I just recently listened to “…I Care Because You Do” because I fucked up somewhere and passed that Aphex Twin album up. Definitely a bridge between Richard D James and SAW I & II. There are some great cuts on there if you enjoy SAW I (everyone should enjoy SAW I {Selected Ambient Works, not the gross movie} even SAW II).

      It’s often referred to as “space disco” but Lindstrom is incredible at this music thing. “Where You Go I Go Too” is a beautiful mind journey. I also consider Lindstrom & Prins Thomas’ “II” essential listening. It came out 3 years ago and got overlooked, imo.

      And as usual, ask LWD, I’m going to suggest CFCF’s “Night Bus” series. Two mixes, “Do U Like Night Bus?” & “Night Bus II”, that are both available for free online. Just use yr favorite search and you’ll find a link.

      Finally, HEALTH’s DISCO I & II are both top shelf remix quality. CFCF has a couple on each but they’re both surprisingly listenable albums. Since regular HEALTH can be a trip (a great one though).

      • crabtron  |   Posted on Oct 17th, 2012 +3

        Thanks, raptor jesus. Sometimes I feel like I’m just lurking in the comments here, waiting for someone to ask what electronic music they should listen to. This is what I’ve been training for.

        I also recently got into “…I Care Because You Do”. I had been holding off because I thought it would be merely some sort of transitional album, and perhaps it is, but it’s a great transition.

        I also just started listening to AraabMuzik’s “Electronic Dream,” especially “Streetz Tonight,” “I Remember,” and “Not Afraid to Die.” It’s more removed from Aphex Twin’s influence, but if you like Burial, Massive Attack, and DJ Shadow, AraabMuzik might be just what you need right now.

        Oh, and I second (third?) The Field recommendation.

        • ‘I Care Because You Do’ is one of the greatest “IDM” albums of all-time. And it definitely wasn’t transitional in the least. It represents what Rich had been doing with his “machines” over the last 2-3 years, as all his albums do. By his own words, all his albums are material that he’s previously recorded, while he’s already moved on to something else by the time he releases them.

          • Acrid Avid Jam Shred has one of the most subtlely complex drum sequences I have ever heard in a song. It doesn’t sound like anything crazy at first, but if you try to break it down you get lost really fast.

          • “Acrid Avid Jam Shred” is what floored me as well.

            Fun fact from wikipedia, most of the song titles are anagrams. That one specifically is an anagram for “Richard David James”

            Love that guy!

          • Acrid Avid Jam Shred, The Waxen Pith, Wet Tip Hen Ax, Moo Kid, Alberto Balsalm (one of the single greatest songs ever, any kind of music) are all untouchable. And the rest of the album is only a notch or two down from those tracks.

            We’re rapidly approaching twenty years later, and although a near countless number of people have tried, the only person to make music that hits all those same spots since, is Rich himself.

            “I Care Because You Do” created an entire new universe of electronic music because so many of the artists that came afterwards were raised on that disc. Not to mention SAW V1 & 2, The Richard D James Album, the Analogue Bubble Bath EPs and album, Caustic Window, Polygon Window. Basically everything Rich did from 1990-1996 is the base DNA for what came next, and what is still being done to this day. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that there’s been a slight return to a more warm, less computer driven sound in the last couple rears that reminds me very much of the early-to-mid 90s.

            (Caveat: I realize it wasn’t Rich alone. There were other people building the foundation back in the early 90s, Autechre, FSOL, early Warp, Rephlex, Skam stuff, etc. But it was, and is, Rich who has had the largest, longest lasting affect.)

            While we’re giving love to ICBYD, lets not sleep on The Donkey Rhubarb and Ventolin EPs (those Aphex tracks are NOT mixes). All three were released in 1995 and are clearly put together from the same pile of tracks.

          • Random, unimportant story I meant to relay before, but forgot.

            When I went to see the Smashing Pumpkins live on their “last tour” (the band was Billy, Jimmy, James and Melissa, and they did breakup afterwards, but we all know that eventually changed) there was no opening act. The show was billed as “And Evening with The Smashing Pumpkins”. This particular show was at the Berkeley Community Theater in Berkeley, CA (it’s actually the theater on the Berkeley High School campus – A LOT of people have played there over the years). As luck would have it (and I’ll spare you that story) I was very close to the front. Third row, just a couple seats from the aisle on James side. I think that might be the closest I’ve ever been for a seated show, actually. But I digress… I got their pretty early due to the fact that I lived near by, go in, take my seat and chill. All was quite for a while, just people finding their seats, talking to one another as the crew moved about the stage (which was open – no curtain). Then, out of nowhere, BOM BOM, PAP, BOM BOM, PAP, BOM BOM, PAP, BOM BOM… “Holy shit! That’s Acrid Avid Jam Shred!” And then it was ‘The Waxen Pith’ and by the time ‘Wax The Nip’ started I figured they were just playing the damn CD. Only they were playing it fucking LOUD! Like, nearly as loud as The Smashing Pumpkins played. So basically, Aphex Twin opened for The Smashing Pumpkins, which was really kind of awesome.

    • I am personally a huge fan of The Field, a Swedish musician signed to Kompakt. Its more minimal/ambient techno and is definitely something you will like if you enjoy Selected Ambient Works 85-92. His debut album From Here We Go Sublime is one of my favorite electronic albums ever.

      If you are getting into electronic music you are legally obligated to get Daft Punk’s first two albums. That is a fact.

      • I have to chime in with a big, “HELL YES THE FIELD” because I too am a huge fan.

        “Looping State of Mind” was released about a year ago and is quite incredible. Not much can beat “From Here We Got Sublime” but if you like his type of music, you’ll like everything he has ever made. Try to find the Sound of Light EP too, as it’s a lot of fun to listen to an hour long EP.

        • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          I always feel like I am the only one who has ever heard of The Field, and not in a “its really obscure I’m a hipster douche” kind of way, but in a “I really really wish more people knew about this music because holy shit its so amazing” kind of way. Looping State of Mind is amazing and definitely his best since From Here We Go Sublime, although that one will always probably be my favorite. Yesterday and Today is still quite good, but I don’t find it as immediately listenable as the other two albums, with the huge exception of the first track which should be showcased for how you fucking build an electronic song because of how it gradually and perfectly builds momentum until the kick comes out of reverse and its like ahhh there we go this is awesome. Yesterday and Today doesnt have that immediate “holy fucking shit I am so happy right now” moment that you find in songs like “The Little Heart Beats So Fast.” Still a quality album though.

          Also, if history teaches us anything, we should get another album from him in 2013. Looping State of Mind came out in 2011, Yesterday and Today in 2009 and From Here We Go Sublime in 2007.

          • No I feel you on the “Why does it seem like I’m the only person obsessing over The Field” because it certainly seems like people don’t get as crazy excited as I do when new songs drops. Speaking of his single for Adult Swim this summer “Comenius Garden” is a beautiful new track! Also this remix of “Sweetie & Shag” from Battles last record is quality Field too (he can remix a track quite well).

            I agree with “Yesterday and Today” mainly because I think “Leave It” is his weakest track to date. “Sequenced” is a dope closer but more an adventure in endurance and precision. “Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime” was the oh shit! moment for me on that album mainly because of prominent vocals in a Field track.

            I really hope we get new Field in 2013. The news that Pantha du Prince is finally following up Black Noise in 2013 was already a blissful surprise. Had to text one of my best friends to let him know it’ll be another Pantha winter. I feel those two have aesthetic parallels…

            I hear live he mainly does “From Here We Go Sublime” tracks, which sounds awesome, but I wouldn’t know :( :( :( :(

          • I saw him live when he toured for Looping State of Mind. He did mostly From Here We Go Sublime, with the exceptions of “It’s Up There” and the title track from Looping State of Mind. It makes sense, since a lot of Looping State of Mind is more mellow and not as conducive to a dance environment. The whole show was really awesome. He played “A Paw In My Face” for the encore and I completely lost my shit.

            I really like “Comenius Garden” as well. All his songs are like 7+ min long and it never really feels like it. I was actually not a huge fan of “Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime,” but I agree that “Leave It” is pretty weak. Both that and the title track from that album are similar and I think the title track is the better of the two. I think he incorporates vocals really well on Looping State of Mind, especially “Burned Out” which is probably my favorite off that album. I haven’t heard much of his remix work, but I will look into it as nothing he has released has ever really disappointed me.

            I was also really excited to hear about the new Pantha album. I loved Black Noise and his album before it, This Bliss. Seeing him live would be quite a trip I imagine, especially when he busts out the more ominous stuff like “Behind the Stars.”

          • crabtron  |   Posted on Oct 19th, 2012 0

            Shit, I almost forgot to mention: Gas, a.k.a. Wolfgang Voigt. He made four ambient techno albums in the late 90s, and it’s worth getting them all via the compilation “Nah und Fern.” “Zauberberg” and “Pop” especially rival Aphex Twin’s SAW Vol II, although his sound is quite different. “Konigsforst” is pretty great too. Gas is equally difficult to group in with any other electronic artists, but he could be considered somewhat a predecessor to The Field and Pantha du Prince.

          • I have listened to bits and pieces of Gas, although I find some of it a bit hard to get through. Gas/Wolfgang Voigt is probably The Field’s most obvious influence, especially on tracks like Sweet Slow Baby and The Deal.

    • Aside from the recommendations already made here (later Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, The Field…) I’d also throw out Manual (Until Tomorrow and Ascend are perfect albums in my opinion), Tim Hecker if you’re looking to get a little weird (Haunt Me, Haunt Me, Do It Again), Four Tet’s “Pause” (and really anything he’s done) is incredible. Autechre’s “Tri-Repetae++” and “Incunabula” are both classics as well. Amon Tobin’s “Bricolage” is another essential album. Lastly, I’d say if you dug Tim Hecker or are looking to get into the more ambient/experimental type stuff check out Fennesz’s “Endless Summer.”

      You know, Stereogum does not cover nearly enough electronic music now that I think of it.

    • Also, beat driven…

      Aoki Takamasa, Apparat, early Autechre for sure (all Autechre, honestly, but the mid and later stuff is something totally different from their early releases – don’t forget Gescom, either), Balun, .christ, Clark, early Cylob – particularly Cylobian Sunset, which is a must have, pretty much everything D’arcangelo have ever released – but all their Rephlex albums for sure, Deru, Disjecta, DMX Krew/Ed DMX for a pretty much endless stream of Braindancey old school electro, Env(itre), Fraet, Fusedmarc, Future Sound Of London, Ginormous, Global Goon – the first three Goon albums (Goon, Cradle of History, Vatican Nitez) are hugely overlooked classics, Hecq, Koen Park/Ian D Hawgood – this guy does stuff that touches on the beat and ambient side, Ijo, Isan, Jega, Leila, Logreybeam, Lone, Marching Dynamics, Markant/Carsten Endraß/Carsten Endrass, Matmos, Nathan Fake, Nuearz, Ochre, Omyiga, Ovuca/Astrobotnia/Boom Blaster/Aleksi Perala, Plaid, Prom, Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia – Ov Biospheres and Sacred Grooves is a must listen, Rival Consoles, Ryoji Ikeda might be a bit too experimental for the new listener – but I’ve still got to recommend him – Ryoji does beat driven and ambient stuff, Somatic Responses, Squarepusher (kind of a duh, I guess), Steinvord & The Tuss – whether they’re Rich or not, Team Doyobi – a bit weird again, but I can’t leave them out, The Flashbulb – Soundtrack To A Vacant Life, The Gasman (particularly The Grand Electric Parade Of Variety), The Merkin Dream, u-ziq, Vezelay, Wisp, Xela

    • Ambient, Electroacoustic, Experimental…

      Andrew Chalk/Isolde/Ora/Mirror/Ghosts On The Water, Andrew Deutsch, Brendan Walls, Damion Romero, David Tudor, Giancarlo Toniutti, Greg Davis/Sun Circle, Grouper, Henri Pousseur, Kieth Fullerton Whitman, the Creel Pone series of releases, Keith Rowe, Kurt Weisman, Lawrence English, Leo Kuper, Monos, Nils Frahm, Olafur Arnolds, Omit – particularly Quad and Tracer, Oren Ambarchi, Organum/David Jackman, Peter Broderick, Solid Eye, Stars Of The Lid, Sytaks, Talvihorros, Thomas Dimuzio, Toru Takemitsu, Vikki Jackman, Xenakis

    • In the last one the name should be Syntak

      As far as The Orb goes, their career is so long now, containing so much music of varying styles and sounds that it would take years just to listen to all their stuff. But if you like their music, you could check out Thomas Fehlmann’s solo releases, Greg Hunter (beats)/Cloudcycle (ambient), Sun Electric, System 7, and any number of Youth’s projects.

      • Uh, wow. Upvotes all around. This will take a few weeks to sort through, and I know some of these already, but this was an awesome response. Way more helpful than trying to wikipedia everything.

        • Good to see OP’s response!

          Cerebus hit it outta the park, but I wanted to mention one last act: Robag Wruhme

          He released an album just last year called “Thora Vukk” and is a very chill electronic album with some very fun found sound samples. It’s a beautiful listen that I randomly checked out after seeing it on a year end list in 2011. I did not regret it.

          High Fives for all involved!

          • High five back!

            Yeah drgonzo, I didn’t really expect you’d be running out and buying/downloading/listening to all that stuff any time soon. But now, with the entirety of your thread here, you’ve got enough stuff to fall back on if you’re looking for something new, or, if one of the artists in any of the responses comes up in the future it might register that some random people at Stereogum recommended them. Sometimes that’s all it takes for me to get into something new.

            As such, I put Robag Wruhme on my list of stuff to check out.

            Lastly, I still never got Syntaks dang name right. It’s Syntaks. Heh. And Prom should be Prome.

          • Ah for fuck’s sake. PROEM! lol

  8. crabtron  |   Posted on Oct 14th, 2012 +1

    Maybe “I’m God” by Clams Casino (I prefer the version without Lil B’s rapping over it, not that I have anything against Lil B). That song reminds me a bit of “Xtal.” You might also like Nosaj Thing’s “Coat of Arms,” if you like Flying Lotus and Boards of Canada. Bibio’s “Fire Ant” is a good song from a newer Warp artist. And I highly recommend every song that Air France released in their too short existence as a musical duo. Sincerely Yours is a generally great label. Hope that helps/ is in line with what you’re looking for.

    • crabtron  |   Posted on Oct 14th, 2012 +3

      That was supposed to be a reply to you, drgonzo. As usual I managed to ignore the “reply” button. The Stereogum equivalent of absentmindedly driving past my own house when I’m trying to get home. One of these days I’ll learn.

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