Danny! - "Myintrotoletuknow"

Danny! is the current moniker of Columbia, SC-bred, Atlanta-based MC Danny Swain, a rapper who has switched it up a bunch since he started recording music in college, eventually earning a deal with Def Jux. Now, given that label’s demise (or “hiatus,” if you’re an optimist), Danny! found his way to Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson’s newly relaunched Okayplayer Records, a platform which Danny! used to launch his latest LP Payback. On his new single “Myintrotoletuknow,” Danny! keeps it simple and referential over soul-sample-laden production and a busy percussive low end. Download it below.

Here’s another MP3 from the release:

Payback is out now on Okayplayer Records. Buy it at iTunes.

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  1. dope. payback needs to be in more ears. modern classic

  2. So Dope! The production on this album is amazing!

  3. Danny is amazing. Since Charm been listening to this guy, and never disappointed me. (Y)

  4. The limbo Danny! was in between the Def Jux and OkayPlayer deals was pretty lengthy. He dropped a classic called Where Is Danny? during said limbo, which is sort of his version of Madvillainy. But Payback’s damn good too; check out “Speed” as well.

  5. I love the album, been a fan for years and it’s been nothing short of inspiring to witness his growth as an artist as well as his overall career progression. Another great addition to his catalog.

  6. Dope song! It’s one of my favs off the album, anyone reading this comment and listening have got to drop money on this album! AOTY contender forreal.

  7. Daniel Swain (aka Danny!) has possibly dropped the album of the year. If this track and this flow (inspired by Eminem) does not reek excellence to you, then you need to take a shower and smell the flippin’ roses people! Danny! makes gold.

  8. Daniel Benny  |   Posted on Oct 15th, 2012 0

    ALBUM OF DA MOTHERFUCKING YEAR BET! NO CHALLENGE BITCHES! top to bottom absolutely golden. Danny! is the most unfuckwittable unknown in the industry.

  9. Great starting track to the album, sets the tone for the rest.

  10. Brilliant way to start off the album anyone who has yet to hear the album needs to do so NOW!!!

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