Craig Nicholls of the Vines

It’s kinda been all downhill for the Vines since appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone back in 2002. The Australian band’s singer, Craig Nicholls, had a reputation as an enfant terrible; in 2006, it was revealed that he had Aspergers Syndrome. They released five albums to diminishing returns (their last was 2011′s Future Primitive), and Nicholls’s disorder forced the band cancel shows and go on hiatuses. This past weekend, Nicholls was arrested after allegedly assaulting his mother.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Nicholls, 35, allegedly punched his mother twice in the head at the family’s home, and then resisted arrest, injuring a police officer (who suffered “grazes, cuts and bruises to both elbows and knees,”) before being subdued with pepper spray.

Nicholls was reportedly arrested and charged with five offenses: two counts of domestic assault; stalking or intimidation; resisting arrest; and assault occasioning actual bodily harm. He’s scheduled to appear in court tomorrow.

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  1. He was obviously trying to get free and ride into the sun when his mom got in the way.

  2. she never loved him, how could anyone?

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  4. What a tosser.

  5. Very interesting to look back at the range of trajectories for all the early 00′s garage rock bands. From White Stripes non-existence to the Hives still just shreddin’ it after two decades to, well, this…

    • The White Stripes went into non-existence on their own terms, and the fact is that Jack White sells out almost all of his shows. Out of all the garage rock bands from that era, I would say that The White Stripes are the most revered. The Strokes on the other hand surprised everyone by just fading away. Sure, they just came out with an album a little over a year ago, but they never became the powerhouse everyone thought they would.

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        • Gonna have to just say NOPE. Everyone jizzes all over Is This It, and I am gonna get downvoted into oblivion for this, but THAT IS ARGUABLY THE ONLY NOTABLE ALBUM THEY PUT OUT. Room on Fire is decent but more of the same, and everything after that its like a couple good songs and everything else is forgettable. The law of diminishing returns could be written about the fucking Strokes. They get waaaaaay too much credit for a band that has put out one great album, and then a range of decent to completely crappy albums. The mark of a powerhouse band is one that maintains a high level of consistent quality in their work. The Strokes do not have that, sorry.

          • I don’t mean to be antagonistic or rude. Its just like, sure The Strokes have that one great album. But so do a lot of bands. Nobody calls Neutral Milk Hotel “a powerhouse” for a reason. Would you call Kanye a powerhouse hip hop act if he never came close to topping The College Dropout?

          • I totally agree with you.
            With each successive album they have demonstrated their failure to live up to the early promise.
            They often sound like a band who are struggling to find their identity, with a slew of scattershot ideas.

            Though I am a fan of Room on Fire. ‘More of the same’ isn’t necessarily bad, just ask The Ramones.

          • you are hyperbole. the strokes are a fucking powerhouse. the problem is all of the hoopla that came with is this it, it’s timing, etc. room on fire is an excellent album. first impressions is a really good album, and angels was a nice return to form. everyone has high expectations for the strokes and they tend to do pretty well. it’s not like we’re talking about fucking weezer here or something. the strokes have more than one album and thats not arguable.

          • Mad late but Room On Fire is a great album. I may like it even more than their first. I don’t understand when people get frustrated with bands putting out consistently great material that has the same sound.

  6. she should have got outtathaway !!

  7. It looks like his winning days are gone

  8. I was going to make a joke, but that’s pretty serious stuff. I hope he fixes his life one day.

  9. How come if someone is struggling in his/her life, we say that person is engaged in an uphill battle but may also say things have gone downhill for that person to describe the same circumstances? I say the people using “downhill” this way are wrong because, c’mon, have you ever tried going down a hill? Yeah, it’s kind of slippery if you’re wearing Converse, but it’s generally not that strenuous. On the other hand, nobody wants to go uphill.

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  11. My lasting memory of this band was way back when they performed on Letterman and the singer just went ape shit while playing “Get Free” it was awful, but fun to watch in a trainwreck sort of way.

  12. One time I was almost home when driving back from a concert and got pulled over for speeding apparently. But the officer had me get out of the car and do sobriety tests because he suspected I’d been drinking. I had, a little, but he gave me the pen test and I passed. Then he came back to my car and gave me a speeding ticket because what, sure, okay, police.

    I mention this because literally, right before I got pulled over, the new Vines single “Ride” (i had to look that up) was playing on the radio.

    So yeah, literally the first time I’ve thought about The Vines in a long time. Remember when they were lumped in with The Hives & The Strokes because they had a “The” in the front of their name? Coincidentally the concert I was heading back from was The Strokes. Life is precious. And god. And the Bible.

  13. Beating is “MUM”? What is this, a BBC convention?

    • you legally can’t do a story about a brit or aussy and their mother without using the proper ‘mum’ terminology…’gaww’ don’tchoo know nu-teen?!

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  15. “I’m sorry Mrs. Nicholls…but I’m kickin’ your REARRRR…”

  16. I’ll admit I kind of enjoyed Highly Evolved, but they seriously released 5 albums? Damn, that’s news to me. That’s actually a bit more surprising than him beating his mom up…

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