Beyoncé Will Perform At Super Bowl

Beyoncé posted the above image to her magnificent Tumblr earlier today; what is she trying to tell us?. But yeah, she’s playing the Super Bowl Halftime Show (the AP confirms it). It’s her second appearance at the Super Bowl, where she sang the National Anthem in 2004. To revisit that, head down below.

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  1. I think what you mean by this headline is “[Illuminati High Priestess] Beyoncé Will Perform [Satanic Ritual] At Super Bowl [or as they call it, Most Sacred Reptilian Blood Sacrifice].”

  2. This would be the greatest news ever if I cared about football and Beyonce.

  3. Is it rude and tastless to wish for a wardrobe malfunction?

  4. Sweet!! This is gonna make RG3′s HAM-worthy super bowl performance that much nicer.

  5. I’m fine with this… as long as there’s a guest appearance from that tight-rope guy!

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