The Weeknd - "Wicked Games" Video

The Weeknd’s mixtape collection Trilogy is coming out next month, and now we’ve got a video for the remastered version of the House Of Balloons track “Wicked Games” — a smoothed-out version of the song that’s somehow less impactful than the one that appeared on the mixtape. The video is a meditative, minimal affair, and it has a sexed-up black-and-white atmosphere that makes it a distant cousin of another video with a similar title. Watch it below.

Trilogy is out 11/13 on Universal Republic, and it’ll include three previously unreleased bonus tracks.

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  2. !!!!!!

    Thank You Tom for posting that link to Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” because I did not know that was the song Lynch used in “Wild at Heart” during those nighttime highway driving scenes. That opening guitar line has been sitting in my head without proper attribution for years now. All I could do 3 years ago was compare it to The xx’s “Infiniti” but NOW I know.

    I guess I’ll watch the Weeknd video eventually but I gotta geek over this old song for awhile today.

    • Nice note that infinity is basically their version of wicked game. It took me years to realize that wicked game was the song they were clearly inspired by.

      • theres a pretty sweet mash-up of the two somewhere on youtube

      • It was partially why it was my favorite song on that record. I heard that guitar line and instantly my mind was driving down the highway with Sailor & Lula. Of course I still didn’t know that was Chris Isaak, so today was fairly revelatory in that sense.

  3. Love it, here is my version

  4. Thats it. Stripper Drugs and Fun

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