ASAP Rocky - "F*ckin Problem" (Feat. 2 Chainz, Drake And Kendrick Lamar)

Earlier today, ASAP Rocky dropped the star-studded, Noah “40″ Shebib-produced cut “F*ckin Problem,” a sneering track featuring verses from 2 Chainz, Drake and Kendrick Lamar. Can you get more “2012″ than that? I guess Kanye tried but it was kind of a mixed bag. Hear it at Complex.

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  1. This song is dope, now that’s how you do a posse note. Take note whack ass rappers

  2. Not diggin this song nor Rocky’s flow AT ALL. He needs to drop something with Clams to restore my faith in him.

    • Last I heard Captain Murphy, the mysterious rapper on that adult swim FlyLo single with Earl, just got a Clams Jam for his new album. May be time to start anticipaten’ new acts.

      Wasn’t feelen’ Rocky’s flow either. I enjoyed Drake’s weed joke and I thought Kendrick tackled the beat well per usual.

      Still, nothing beats Kendrick’s flow on Schoolboy’s “Blessed”. Nada.

      • backseat freestyle unreal 2

        • The WHOLE album is UNREAL. Best cohesive hip hop album in a while (Maybe Shabazz).



          • Habits & Contradictions is tough to beat. I love that the Portishead sampling beat is the halfway mark. Such a nasty flow on that beauty.

            Shabazz is infinite 8)

          • just got it as well. SUPER consistent on the flow. kills it. not pumped with the beat selection on some of them, but that might just be because the bangers BANG. SO. HARD.

            maad city (the track) is….. just…….beyond. like jiggas in paris but harder. on that hit-boy style. I can’t stop

          • S/O SHABIZZY (OBVS) – guys i’ve never listened to an entire shabazz palaces song hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa I’M LIVING A LIE!!!!!!!

  3. so fly. oh my god blows away 75% of cruel summer. really makes you appreciate how shit cyhi, 2 chainz, big sean, most of pood music is. #shame #obama2012

    kendrick really flipping up the flow a lot lately. first he was DMX on BET and here is the best weezy impression I’ve heard since weezy made music.

  4. This song’s a straight up banger!

  5. This song is straight word up to all my homeys! Rapping!

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