Nicki Minaj - "The Boys" Video

Virtually the entire music-blogging universe (except me) is at CMJ right now, so you’ll have to forgive the indie music universe for neglecting to drop too many videos in the past seven days. I always think it’s funny how things come to a near-complete stop for the assumption that most music writers and publicists are going to spend all their daylight hours hungover, even when the vast majority of the music-consuming public is nowhere near CMJ. But anyway! There were still some great videos this week, including a #1 pick that I fully expect most of the comments section to viscerally hate. Five are below.

5. The xx – “Chained” (Dir. Young Replicant)

Hushed intimacy is this group’s calling card; they seem to create their own little sonic world. And this Creators Project-produced video, in which the three xx members share an underwater moment, is a nice visual representation of that. Beautiful laser-precise cinematography, too.

4. La Sera – “Break My Heart” (Dir. Cassandra Lee Hamilton)

Cuteness is an abstract concept that exists in the beholder’s eye; it’s not exactly a sustainable music-video aesthetic. If you’re relying on cuteness to make your music video, you’re running a real risk of producing some truly cloying bullshit. But sometimes, a music video will take cuteness and absolutely own it, turn it into something undeniable. That’s what happens here.

3. R. Kelly – “Trapped In The Closet, Chapter 23″ (Dir. R. Kelly)

Gloriously absurd serialized melodrama has returned to our lives, and I couldn’t be happier. This one hinges on the not-quite-riveting plot point of “everyone gets a phone call,” and I don’t remember who half these characters are, but I’m fully on board anyway because the sight of Kelly in pimp drag still makes my soul sing.

2. El-P – “Stay Down” (Dir. Timothy Saccenti)

Locking down that #2 spot entirely on the strength of TV On The Radio’s Jaleel Bunton, portraying Nick Diamonds as a celestial rock-star who drives female crowds into frothing riots of desire. The Prometheus to “The Full Retard“’s Alien.

1. Nicki Minaj – “The Boys” (Feat. Cassie) (Dir. Colin Tiley)

Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott aren’t making videos like this anymore. Thank god somebody is.

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  1. This one is my favorite this week. It tells a good story, with nice shots, great b-boying and a good song. Defnitiely worth the 5 1/2 minutes of your time:

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  3. So pumped that Trapped In the Closet is back. Kel should complexify the story though, it’s too simple and easy to follow. Wasn’t there a midget toward the end of the last bunch?

    Speaking of being trapped in a closet, I’ve been wanting to share this music video for my rap project with my fellow commenters for a little bit now. But I’ve been too afraid. Thanks kel for the inspiration, I’m comin out!

    Please don’t downvote me, or if you do, please do enough so that I can make week’s worst?

  4. what about that new Die Antwoord vid?

    • In the article about it they seemed to criticize it for using “blackface” (it wasn’t really blackface at all but whatever) and trying to shock people. The ironic thing is that it reminded me very much of old Busta Rhymes videos like the ones they claim that Nicki Minaj video is similar to. I personally don’t see it but whatever.

  5. Cassandra Lee Hamilton owns Twee. Have you seen the agent ribbons video or Lalalas? Ringo Death Star?

  6. The R. Kelly video honestly looked like an SNL skit. Which I guess is true of all of the “Trapped in a Closet” videos. (In a good way)

    All jokes aside I think ch. 23 really just served to remind everyone of all the characters.

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