Watch Neil Young Sing With Guns N' Roses

As a prelude to some sporadic activity in 2012 — including a month-long residency in Vegas and a three-city tour in India — Guns N’ Roses performed this past Saturday and Sunday nights at the Bridge School Benefit in Mountain View, CA. For Sunday night’s performance, they brought none other than Neil Young himself to the stage for a version of “Don’t Let It Bring You Down,” from 1970′s After The Gold Rush. Axl and Neil trade off on vocals but it’s not exactly an even pairing: Axl’s vocal sounds especially strained; Neil’s actually sounds kinda robust. I’m not predisposed to hating on Axl Rose — I’d happily sit down and talk at length about Chinese Democracy, if I could find a willing conversation partner — but this is … not the best thing I’ve ever heard. Check out the fan-filmed video below.

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  1. Did anyone see this monstrosity from the benefit? “Welcome to the Jungle”, acoustically, shittily:

  2. I grew up listening to Neil Young. I still remember going with my mom to this place called a record store (whatever that was) and buying Harvest on this big shiny black disc they used to call a record. Don’t Let it Bring You Down is one of my favorite songs by him. Also grew up with Guns n Roses. I spent the summer after 6th grade leaning to play every note of Appetite on the guitar. So I feel qualified to say that this is crap. Also, this is NOT Guns n Roses. It’s Axl. Calling this Guns n Roses is like calling Wings The Beatles! It’s Axl being out-performed by an old man. Haha!

  3. wonderful… thanks neil for joining mr. rose in your tribute song that is so beautifully written, and surprise duo performance of two of my rock’n roll heroes of all time… diversity is wonderful, ain’t it?

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