Axl Rose on Kimmel

Axl Rose hasn’t been interviewed on live TV in 20 years, unless we’re counting that unbelievably awkward moment at the 2001 NBA Finals. But to promote a forthcoming Vegas residency, he showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and managed to sit for 12 minutes of questions. Kimmel was unquestionably the right guy to do this, since he’s an expert at subtly clowning his guests without being a dick about it, and since he never really lapses into asskissy territory. But Axl isn’t a particularly great interview subject; he was pretty squirmy the entire time. He also briefly convinced the audience that everyone had Vegas residency tickets under their seats when it turned out to be only two people, which was funny. Watch the whole interview below.

Ths must be enigmatic rock legends week on Kimmel; he had Prince the night before.

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  1. Funny how he’s sick all of the time. Half of these shows will be cancelled (obviously).

  2. Sheriff Val Kilmer!

  3. This wasn’t his only interview on TV in the last 20 years. He did a big interview segment with Eddie Trunk and company on That Metal Show on VH1 Classic

  4. Axle has completely lost it. Guns N’ Roses played Live at Bridge School on October 20, 2012. Axle sounds absolutely atrocious. It was the worse performance I have ever heard from him. So sad – Guns N Roses use to be an amazing bad.

  5. He needs an appetite for liposuction.

  6. Honestly– how much ativan/valium did he need to take. The guy was like butter. Self deprecating and easy going. Maybe he found that magic amount of drugs to keep him smoothe…

  7. Just thought I’d remind us all of the golden days of stereogum

  8. Why are we not talking about the fact the he brought a burger truck and gave out free burgers to the crew and audience? Because that is AWESOME.

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