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The Low Times, a music-discussion podcast co-hosted by my colleague at the Classical Tom Scharpling, has been holding a contest for listeners to design the worst band T-shirt ever, and there have been more than 1,000 submissions. The Low Times’ website just posted the 31 worst finalists, and every last one of them is a thing to behold. I laughed really, really hard looking at these things, and so, I imagine, will you. Check out all 31 here (via Alex Pappademas’s Twitter).

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  1. Either the Kelly Clarkson, Animal Collective, or Santana shirt should win.

  2. I kind of like the Ted Leo t-shirt- but is that Tina Turner? Also, Tuna Turner would be a good bad good bad band name. They are a hypothetical jam/roots/reggae band from Rhode Island. They are as terrible as you would imagine but they do OK on the prep school circuit.

  3. I like The Police, and Maroon 5.

  4. Unsurprisingly, the actual Dishwalla t-shirts are far worse:

  5. These are so goddamn funny. I’m with mhann24 on Kelly Clarkson and Santana. Also, Titus and Sheryl Crow are pretty inspired.

  6. The Dishwalla one is the best. Combines the comfort of knowing it doesn’t exist with the horror that it easily could.

  7. I love the Fugazi one, if only because you know Ian Mackaye just twitched uncontrollably somewhere and had no idea why.

  8. I would buy every single one of these

  9. The REM and RHCP look like they could be genuine t-shirts for sale. Kinda hipster-y.

  10. I was really hoping for a Deerhunter shirt with a hunter blowing the head off of a deer in tasteless fashion.

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