Thanks to his early-’80s sample-collage throwdowns, the producer and DJ Steinski is the rare guy who can claim pioneer status in both rap and experimental music. And Steinski is still patching together bits of stolen audio in ways that, more often than not, have a case to make. His latest effort is “Mitt Romney Vs. The Truth (Steinski’s Fair & Balanced Hiphop Remix),” a track that throws bits of Mitt Romeny’s voice over a nice succession of rap beats, including a bunch from Jay-Z songs. The track has fun painting Romney as a goofy, out-of-touch flip-flopper, and it’s more fun than angry. It will almost certainly change nobody’s political convictions, but it does work as an enjoyable tour through many of the reasons why it’s so fun to hate Mitt Romney.

(via Pitchfork)

Mitt! I’m going to miss that guy after he loses so badly. (Uh, knock wood.)

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    • ^who? a cynical piece of shit who will never amount to anything. steinski is a legend/OG in the realm of hip-hop/experimental/sound collage production. he still releases quite a bit of material for many different people, but prefers to stay in the background due to the sensitive nature of the sounds he samples. he does it for the love of the craft.. not for widespread commercial recognition. enjoy putting down people who are actually doing something with their lives to make yourself feel better about your shitty/pointless/annoying existence. great comment, just kidding you have absolutely no idea what your talking about. also, i cannot stand either candidate. i just really like the juxtaposition of the two versions of complete bullshit that romney spews out either end of his body that this track cleverly portrays plain as day. enjoy living in your own watered down/filtered version of reality. where you never have to see things for what they really/obviously are. cheers

      • lol, u mad bro?

      • There is just so much about this song that is absolutely not “clever.” Piecing together a bunch of out of context sound bytes is so out dated and amateurish and it makes me cringe to hear something like this about any candidate. Also why put in the voices of Jon Stewart and Sam Jackson? They’re not really the best advocates for “fair and balanced,” especially after Jackson admitted to voting for Obama only because he is black. The reality is is that everyone will say something in their life that contradicts statements from their past so to put out something like this just seems petty/weak/ignorant. So maybe your the one living in a watered down reality. It’s also funny that people are always quick to say that they don’t like either candidate that way they don’t have to actually take a stance on anything. Have fun shrugging your shoulders and keeping your heads down for the rest of your lives.

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    • I think most of the people who down-voted you are just responding to your theatrical cynicism. Your post suggests that there are no substantive differences between Obama and Romney (ie. “neither deserves your vote”) — and that’s just not true.

      • There ARE no substantive differences between Barack and Willard. They are both cogs in the same machine. The subtle differences are just social footballs that kicked back and forth every election cycle in order to divide and conquer the masses.

        Face it, Obama lovers: NDAA, Secret Kill List, Drone Strikes (especially innocent women and children including a 16 year old American citizen Abdulrahman al-Awlaki), Patriot Act Extension, War on Whistleblowers = Obama’s legacy.

        I know it hurts, but it’s time to face the hard truth. If you want to vote Obama because you are “liberal,” look up the definition of “liberal” and you might be surprised at what you find.

      • “theatrical cynicism”

        I’ve been trying to figure out why I agree with a majority of what buzz fledderjohn has been posting lately, but I still don’t upvote him. (I don’t downvote him either)

        theatrical cynicism.

  4. Buzz, when people have been living in the dark, you can’t turn on the floodlights. You have to gradually acclimate them to the light.

  5. and in two weeks no one will care about this track

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