Titus Andronicus - "In A Big City" Video

The video for “In A Big City,” the rousing lead single from Titus Andronicus’s not-The Monitor-but-still-great new album Local Business, depicts frontman Patrick Stickles as a scowling solitary figure, fighting through crowds and crossing desolate urban-blight Jersey landscapes so that he can arrive on the Hudson River’s banks and stare down the promised land on the other side. It’s a strong, striking bit of imagery. Isaac Ravishankara directs; watch it below.

(via Grantland)

Local Business is out now on XL.

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  1. This ended with me watching 20 minutes of videos about basketball and old TV shows. Thank you, Grantland, whomever you are.

  2. i feel that without the beard he kind of looks like mark ruffalo.

  3. I don’t know anything about cinematography but I feel like Dramamine would help me through that video.

  4. glad to see someone gave pat some food

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