The week after CMJ always feels like the first week of the holiday season. Maybe it’s because the festivals are done for the year, and we begin thinking in earnest about the sorts of lists we will assault you with for the year’s end, or maybe it’s just because we hang out on our couches all day with post-festival-season flus. So, happy holidays y’alls! How did you celebrate the year’s end? Maybe it was with Kendrick Lamar’s possibly-stone-cold-classic Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City? That’s a lot to digest, so it’s fine if you didn’t try to take on much more. In case that is true, though, catch up on Angel Haze’s transcendent spin on Em’s “Cleaning Out My Closet,” and on Wild Nothing’s Michelle Williams-starring video, or Sufjan’s gory claymation Xmas video, or new tracks from the Weeknd, Dirty Projectors, Tegan & Sara, Guided By Voices, Heems, Araabmuzik, Peaking Lights, or Blood Orange’s cover of Lemonade’s permajam “Neptune.” And when you’ve set down Kendrick for a few moments,


#10  Dr. Feelgood | Oct 25th Score:24
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#9  honlads | Oct 25th Score:26

Oh. My. God. This list has been prophesied since the beginning of time.

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#8  Dr. Feelgood | Oct 24th Score:29

What’s the worst case scenario here? We talk about the Velvet Underground? Someone finds a song they didn’t know existed? Tom Hardy, star of the Dark Knight Rises, comments on Stereogum three comments before yours?

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Sean Harrigan | Oct 25th Score:30

Seriously. The Bends > Hail to the Thief any day.

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#6  orbital | Oct 25th Score:34

1. Ok Computer / Kid A (Sheer Brilliance)
2. In Rainbows / The Bends (Fantastic Start to Finish)
3. Hail to the Thief / King of Limbs / Amnesiac (Amazing albums with experimental deep cuts that some fans aren’t into)
4. Pablo Honey (Proto-Radiohead)

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Danny Devereauxx | Oct 24th Score:34

top chumbawamba songs, omitting tubthumping

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Matthew Marvin Lingo | Oct 24th Score:39

I’m gonna just get this out of the way. SOMETHING SOMETHING SOMETHING HEROIN.

But it really is a good list. A good list that is missing Heroin.

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#3  Rex Manning Day | Oct 25th Score:54

The fact that Pablo Honey was not placed in the top 3 proves that these lists are not designed exclusively as comment-rage bait.

However, the fact that Pablo Honey was not placed last proves that these lists are designed at least partly as comment-rage bait.

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Corey Minagh | Oct 25th Score:56

I’ve been looking forward to this one. Nothing makes people lose their shit like a Radiohead list!

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Robert Locke | Oct 25th Score:94

Pablo Honey should not be ahead of KOL that is some bullshit.

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#5  Cerebus | Oct 24th Score:-8

Do you like apples?


Do you like apples?!


Well I don’t like the Velvet Underground. How do you like them apples?

Seriously though, I don’t hate them, but they’ve never done for me whatever it is they seem to do for a lot of other people. They always seemed like one of those band that far too many people claim to like because you’re required to like them to be a certain type of “hip”, “indie”, “cool”, “artsy”, “underground”, etc., and if you say you don’t like them, you’ll get ridiculed. Frankly, ridicule doesn’t phase me and peer pressure is lame. I’ve listened to pretty much everything this band has ever done and they just don’t frost my pickle.

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#4  mattgum | Oct 25th Score:-9

I know it’s blasphemy around these parts, but does anybody else feel OK Computer is *ever so slightly* overrated?
I love it, but maybe it’s so definitive of its era sometimes I feel it’s a bit dated. Ever so slightly.

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Rahbrrt Kahtinn | Oct 24th Score:-11

Another idiotic list from stereogum

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Sanjay Devarakonda | Oct 25th Score:-28

Obligatory “What’s a Radiohead?”

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Tristan Clopêt | Oct 25th Score:-30

My blog on their top 15 songs of all time…so you can lose your shit over that too if you want…

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  Spikelee3000 | Oct 23rd Score:16

Smells like cancelled.

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Peter Galbraith | Oct 23rd Score:0

I know its been said, but, Holy shit!!!!

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Comments (58)
  1. LOL. I am so proud.

  2. You might want to re-edit this list, Stereogum… It seems as though you forgot five of the lowest rated comments, and the top five appear twice.

  3. fuck this noise, man. I don’t need it. I’m outtie.


  4. I’m so against Cerebus ever being in the worst comments. He’s such a thoughtful guy.

  5. Way to downvote a Frank Ocean reference everybody. You should all be so proud of yourselves.

  6. This top 10 is kinda underwhelming. With the exception of numbers 10, 8 and 5, the rest are boring. Some of them got huge upvotes for just being among the first to comment and for stating the obvious. I’m no poet laureate of the comment section, but Dr. Feelgood’s bean chart was #1 for me. and chumbawamba a close 2nd.

    What do ya think, sirs?

  7. I love that literally calling OK Computer “ever so slightly” overrated was still enough to get one of the lowest rated comments of the week. People do not mess around with their Radiohead.

    • even doing it in the most polite, rational way possible. He should’ve just slammed it and rode the rollercoaster of hate to the bottom.

    • I’d love to see what people would have done if I’d let them know what I think of Radiohead. Some serious shit would have gone down.

      • Why didn’t you? I had no problem throwing down on the Velvet Underground thread.

        • I decided just not to get involved, knowing my attempt at a well reasoned description of why I’m not a fan would just end up getting ignored bar a few downvotes. Now I’m thinking I should have just gone all out and ridden the hate train to #1.

      • I don’t like bob dylan

        • What did Bob Dylan ever do to you?

          I think you’d be surprised by how many people don’t like Dylan’s MUSIC. He’s another of those that definitely fall into the “you’re supposed to like this person’s music and if you don’t there’s something wrong with you” category. I like a lot of his stuff, but I would never think less of someone if they didn’t.

          I think a lot of Dylan’s importance is missed if you didn’t live it, or haven’t taken a lot of time to study it. Even then, I can understand why people don’t dig dude’s stuff. His catalog is massive and ever-changing, as is his not exactly easy listening voice. But his contributions to the music of the last century are definitely massive, and hugely important.

          And the thing is, I can look at Velvet Underground from that perspective, but I still don’t enjoy their stuff. So there ya go! We complee agreetly, yet differently.

  8. So thanks to Michael_ for the idea, my Skrillex costume is ready for the purrrty tanight. I even got an app where i can tap one of 12 yellow buttons and make brostep on the fly, it’s gonna sound almost as good as Skrillex.

    I discovered the tight fitting low collared shirt that I got has a giant Sarah Maclaclan logo on the lower back, though…. Remix time. “you’re in the arrrmmmsss offff the BWEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BWU BWU BWUH BWUH BWUHHHHHH BREEEEEEEE”

    i’ll try to post a picture

  9. I need to aim a little higher. That’s the second or third time I’ve been at the bottom of the down voted comments list. Mediocrity, in all things, sucks.

    • start your comments with “obligatory”

      • I’ve taken your advice to heart and will attempt to use said word as at some point in the future. Like…

        Wow, it’s really sad that somebody is actually taking the time to go to all my posts and give them an obligatory down vote.

        I know, it wasn’t at the start, really, but I couldn’t figure out a way to put it there.

    • I feel bad, Cerebus. But maybe my unpopular opinion was really just one downvote more unpopular than yours.

      • I just think it’s weird. Like, possibly slightly mental. Somebody, maybemore than one somebody, is actually taking time out of their life to give all of my comments a down vote. Like, seriously, work on yourself a bit, ya know? I’ve long since moved past asking somebody to give reasoned comments wth their down votes, because it’s clear they have no reason.

        As I’ve said many times, for the most part, down votes have no real meaning. Because if a post has a A LOT of down votes, people unhide it to see what the person said anyway. And it’s not like it’s hurting my feelings or whatever. It just seems really immature and internet stalkerish to purposely follow somebody around, down voting their comments. Like, it’s teh internets. Couldn’t they spend that time looking at porn or illegally downloading something, instead?

  10. Anybody seen my weenis laetly besides rubberu johnny/ thnks huge!


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  12. So, what now? The prophesied Radiohead list has been released. Don’t tell me the Beatles are next.

    • It will be the Beach Boys first, where I get angry at the omission of SMiLE and at how low Friends is placed.

      • “That’s Why God Made the Radio” won’t be placed last, for comment-rage purposes.

      • As far as I know, SMiLE is an excellent Brian Wilson album released in 2004. The Beach Boys had their chance with that album and blew it by undermining everything Brian was attempting to do despite his fragile state. Now there is a lovely box set of unfinished recordings that was released with the Beach Boys name on it, but would I call that SMiLE? Nope. If you want SMiLE to get the kudos it deserves as part of some list, that will have to be a list ranking all albums written by Brian Wilson.

        • Of course though all that really separates Brian Wilson’s SMiLE from that on the Smile Sessions is the vocals that distinguish “In Blue Hawaii” from “Love to say Dada” and the fact “I’m in Great Shape” has switched positions. On top of this the Beach Boys version in my opinion is the superior one, Brian’s voice is far better and it sounds much better with Beach Boys harmonies, and of course the original version of “Good Vibrations”. Brian Wilson’s version on the other hand, wonderful as it still is, sounds awkward in many places with Brian’s disintegrating voice and the overly polished nature of the backing vocals and the production in general. On those grounds I’d say SMiLE definitely merits inclusion, whatever any of us may feel about the story behind it.

          • I actually really like the production on the Brian Wilson version. When I bought the album I was worried that maybe he would overdo it, but I think he really pulled off creating something with a layered, epic sound using modern technology without veering into self-indulgent Styx territory. There is a right way to do these kinds of things; Rollerskate Skinny’s Horsedrawn Wishes is a comparable example. I felt like the half-finished recordings had too muddy of a sound for an album where one of the real joys ought to be the ability to distinguish between all of the different parts. In addition, when I heard the box set, I did think, “This should sound…bigger.” There is more energy in the performances of some of the songs on Brian’s version, and there are more differences in the two versions than those you named. There are missing/different lyrics and parts missing from songs here and there. Would I have preferred the other four Beach Boys’ vocals to have been on Brian’s version? Well yes, that would have been ideal, but it is not something I think about when I am listening to it. As for Brian, I actually like that his voice is a little bit flawed in spots on the recording; this is the sound of someone finally emerging triumphant after going through Hell. I think I remember Pitchfork saying something to the same effect (one of the relatively few times I have agreed with them) in their review.

          • Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Brian’s solo version, but, and maybe I simply longed for a Beach Boys version so much it’s clouded my judgement, the group version just sounds right. I get the merits of the modern production, and I also long for the day when an official stereo version of the old tapes manages to get released like with Pet Sounds, but I feel the merits are outweighed by the problems I listed before (and not having the original version of “Good Vibrations” is a MASSIVE drawback) and I just don’t miss the parts missing. In fact I feel most of the parts missing are many of the more cringe-inducing moments from Brian’s moments (like the Pirate rap), although I do have to say I miss the vocals from “I Wanna be Around”. I appreciate your viewpoint, but I feel we should be celebrating the fact that we finally have the closest we’re going to get to the original SMiLE. We finally have something music fans have been longing for for years, enjoy it!

        • I’d also say the version of SMiLE from the Smile Sessions is significantly better than Smiley Smile.

          • Well yeah, of course…

          • The section the made the 2004 version so great was the 2nd movement. Wonderful/Song For the Children/Child Is Father of the Man/Surf’s Up. Goddammit. Hearing it all together almost makes me weep with joy. Everything else is spotty for sure (with glimmers of good and bad). But hearing the original SMILE with the original session players (especially Carol Kaye!) and original BB voices is what gives the newer (well,older really) version an edge. The Beach Boys still have the best vocal blend in the history of recorded music as far as I’m concerned.

            I think they’re tied. It’s the best judgement I can muster.

  13. Editor’s Choice, eh? Day-maker.

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