Soundgarden - King Animal

One of the stupidest recent scenes in the increasingly unwatchable Sons Of Anarchy was set to “Been Away Too Long,” the first song to be released from Soundgarden’s first album in 16 years, King Animal. It kinda made me hate the song, to be honest (and I liked it before that!) and left me a little turned off by the whole Soundgarden comeback in general. So it’s good timing for the band to drop a second song from the LP. “Non-State Actor” has a more traditional structure than “Been Away Too Long,” a meaty hook, Kim Thayil and Chris Cornell sound pretty ferocious and fired-up … The band isn’t reinventing their sound in any way, but it was a pretty great sound to begin with. I’m back on board. Check it out.

King Animal tracklist:

01 “Been Away Too Long”
02 “Non-State Actor”
03 “By Crooked Steps”
04 “A Thousand Days Before”
05 “Blood On The Valley Floor”
06 “Bones Of Birds”
07 “Taree”
08 “Attrition”
09 “Black Saturday”
10 “Halfway There”
11 “Worse Dreams”
12 “Eyelid’s Mouth”
13 “Rowing”

King Animal is out 11/13 on Seven Four/Republic.

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  1. I’m a big Soundgarden fan, but I just can’t seem to get into any of these tracks. I hope the album holds some good surprises.

  2. I’m a big fan as well but you’re right. All of the songs that are floating around are not really outstanding. I would hope the album is a lot better, but in most cases like this, it’s not going to be. I’m one of the few who defended Audioslave(especially the multi-platinum debut) while most critics(Pitchfork, Stereogum, Idolator, etc…) and supposed fans bitched about how much better Soundgarden was. They were better, but their time has probably come and gone. And based on these cuts overall, it has. So now, instead of a band(Audioslave) that sells a lot of albums with solid new sounding material on them, you have Rage who are not putting anything new out and what appears to be mediocre Soundgarden release. Way to go music experts.

  3. I like this song, and I think that people who don’t probably hate America. The song is obviously good, so I can only conclude that your negative reaction has a direct correlation to a negative association with the American flag, which waved proudly for four spellbinding minutes.

    • As soon as I typed that, I thought to myself, “I just know someone incredibly dense is going to read this and downvote it because they actually think it’s a serious comment.” I wish I were wrong more often.

  4. I dig it…!

    “increasingly unwatchable Sons Of Anarchy…” I think this season has been amazing!

    Someone needs to educate SAMCRO on the real definition of anarchy though… They should be called Sons of The State-because they murder, steal, and coerce without shame! ;)

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