Kendrick Lamar - Good Kid, m.A.A.d City

This week’s Soundscan is in via Billboard, a report that reveals a number of pretty interesting things. First off all, the week’s top charter was obviously Taylor Swift’s Red, an album which moved 1.2 million copies (digital and physical), the highest first-week tally since Eminem’s 2002 release of The Eminem Show. Second, Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City — a recent selection for Album Of The Week — charted in the second slot, moving 241k copies. That’s the highest week for a solo male artist since Drake moved 447k for 2010′s Thank Me Later. Kendrick had a dream! Now he’s got the industry success he wasn’t really breaking his back to get. How very cool.

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  1. real people want real music, the jig is up

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  3. Dr. Dre must’ve bought 100k.

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      • This album certainly isn’t lame; it’s absolutely amazing. I just don’t buy those numbers. Nicki Minaj did similar numbers and love her or hate her she’s a household name with tons of radio play and a wide audience. Frank Ocean, like Kendrick Lamar, was coming off a much hyped mixtape from last year but also had the buzz from his coming out and some radio play and yet he only did half as well.

        I’m not doubting the awesomeness of this album. I’m just doubting the public’s ability to recognize it so quickly.

        • I believe those sales are legit b/c people were waiting for another classic album and he delivered. I heard other people (real fans) saying they were buying everyone album from every retailer. People were buying multiple albums from different stores b/c of the different exclusive bonus tracks that target, best buy and itunes had.

  4. Where my goddamn dominoes boy, this the second time i asked!?

  5. Anyone that says anything negative about this album just has no idea what the album is about. If you listen to the lyrics and know the back-story on Kendrick Lamar, you will bow down to him and realize he is going to change the game of hip-hop and go down in history as one of the best ever.

  6. I am with Lynden. Seriously? This dude is extremely talented. No one has heard anything like him in a long time. Lame? Yeah right!

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