Vampire Weekend on Kimmel

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Vampire Weekend showed up and debuted a supremely confident and pleasant new indie-pop jam called “Unbelievers.” In an awesome display of profligate spending, they brought along a horn section and a cello player, none of whom appeared to actually play anything until the very end of the song. Also, Chris Baio played piano, which is a new look. And for presumably Halloween-related reasons, the entire band, auxiliary players included, wore skull-face makeup. I’m guessing that’s not going to be a regular part of their live show from now on, though it would be pretty cool if it was. Watch the performance below.

Gotta say: A new Vampire Weekend album would go down really nicely right about now.

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  1. This is good. I like this. The horn section part at the end was pretty fantastic.

    Announce album three, like, now, dudes? Please?

  2. Michael_  |   Posted on Nov 1st, 2012 +2

    Ezra Koenig, taking his boneable status to a new level.

    I think it would be best if a new VW album announcement waited to rear its head until the new year. 2012 has been over-saturated with big name releases as is, and with NYC and NJ hardened by Sandy, throwing important new content into the blogosphere is like volunteering yourself to journey into a black hole. Google Analytics doesn’t lie: Without NYC 100% alive and healthy, the rest of the independent music world struggled to stay afloat.

  3. i kiiind of lost interest in VW when they started messing around with auto-tune, but if this is any indication of what their new body of work will be like then i’m back on the saddle. sensing some beach boys vibes in here. maybe even some ben kweller, but that might just be because they’re talking about train tracks.

  4. Fuck yeah that was great! New album can’t come soon enough!

    -1 for the unsettling Hyundai Santa Fe ads though…wtf?

  5. Not really liking it. Sounds a lot like Giving Up The Gun, probably my least favorite song from the last album. I’m sure overall the new one will be killer though.

  6. Those harmonies ruined an otherwise passable song.

  7. I thought that new one was awful until the horn section came in. And I can’t think of a less Halloweeny band to have on Halloween.

  8. Vampire Weekend are my favourite current band, can’t wait for the new album.

  9. I’m a huge fan of Vampire Weekend but I’m not really feeling the new song. It smacks of a Springsteen cover; when I saw them debut it at Pitchfork Festival this summer, I just assumed it was one. I have nothing against bands trying to evolve, but I hope they don’t shed the intrinsic musical qualities that drew me to their sound in the first place.

  10. copyright claim by DISNEY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!!?! are they on a subsidy of disney? i thought they were on XL….

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