Jessica Pratt - Jessica Pratt

As NYC took on salt water in places it never intended, many of us here operated instinctually — raiding grocery stores, hoarding bottles of wine, wrapping WiFi routers in surfsuits. You know how it is. It won’t surprise you to learn that I was most fixed on what LPs people pulled for the flood. What was your record for end-times? There are classics upon classics to consider, and perhaps no better time then a time like this past week to consider them — and then there is someone like Jessica Pratt, a contemporary chanteuse with a classic, dog-eared vinyl feel out of San Francisco. In fact, her self-titled debut came as a recommendation from our friend Daniel Arnold, during the storm, as the right music for it. Jessica’s is a melancholic, fingerpicked folk, with a milk-eyed meandering voice wrapped in the hiss and overall aura of a mystic sylvan setting. This is the music for that last bottle of wine, when the WiFi’s submerged and your candle’s flickering with its last. It’s also a good add to your recovery soundtrack. It’s pretty. You can have the lead track here:

Jessica Pratt is out via Birth Records.

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