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This week, man. Things are dire in our hometown, and we hope the reading of these blogposts were as successful (and temporary) a diversion as writing them has been. The real recap of this week is, shit in NYC is fucked (see also: the Marathon is still happening this weekend?)(UPDATE: It’s not!), and people need help. So, most importantly, here is how you can help: Donate blood, or money to America Cares, or the Red Cross, or locallly to the Red Hook Initiative. And if you live in NYC and can volunteer, WNYC has a great list of places where you can do so, as does Brokelyn, and Time Out NY.

As for the week’s editorial highlights, we launched a new column where we talked to Fucked Up about parenthood (column’s called Parental Advisory, naturally), thought about Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar and Soundscan, met Ofei and Jessica Pratt, watched Death Grips and Epic drop each other, learned that Cat Power is sick and broke, paid retrospective props to Sigur Rós, The Misfits, and Bob Mould, and heard a song from Thom Yorke’s Atoms For Peace, and watched Vampire Weekend play a new one.

We also read some great and terrible comments, many of which are collected here for you:



Sölvi Þór Hannesson | Oct 30th Score:16

The video for Untitled #1 was one of the best uses of children I’ve ever seen.

Posted in: Sigur Rós’s ( ) Turns 10

Nick Burica | Oct 30th Score:17

jesus, Im getting old. Stereogum solely exists to remind everyone they’re getting older. Its a website dedicated to marking the passing of time & making lists regarding that time.

Posted in: Sigur Rós’s ( ) Turns 10

Rob Kaplan | Oct 26th Score:18

Am I the only one who puts In Rainbows at the same level as Ok Computer and Kid A?

Posted in: Radiohead Albums From Worst To Best
#7  yoko_oh_no | Nov 1st Score:21

“So here’s the plan. Do what nobody would ever expect us to do: sign up with a major label, even though it goes completely against our ethos. Then, act entirely against the terms of the contract we chose to sign (that went completely against out ethos). Finally, we act surprised/kick up an internet shitstorm when the label inevitably drops us (for acting entirely against the terms of the contract we chose to sign that went completely against our ethos.”

“That’s a cool plan, MC Ride, but why?”


Posted in: Death Grips Dropped By Epic
#6  fruit | Nov 1st Score:21

This news is pretty


Posted in: Death Grips Dropped By Epic

Lucas Knapp | Oct 31st Score:21

knew you could do it, Max.

Posted in: Death Grips Leak Angry Emails From Epic

Michael Robenalt | Nov 1st Score:23


Posted in: Death Grips Leak Angry Emails From Epic

Sam Nabors | Nov 1st Score:28

No Corban, Taylor Swift isn’t going to go out with you.

Posted in: Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, Soundscan & The Future Of The Album

Alex Sobel | Oct 31st Score:38

I hate to be this guy, but when you sign to a label, you follow the label’s rules. Sucks, but that’s business.

Posted in: Death Grips Leak Angry Emails From Epic

Max Harrold | Oct 31st Score:41
Posted in: Death Grips Leak Angry Emails From Epic



Cameron Cullen | Oct 31st Score:-9

I think this was nothing but an attack at one of the few big corporations that has been sucking the life and creativity out of music for an age. Death Grips made a promise to their fans to release 2 albums this year, this was compromised by the label which I think the band was expecting to happen.

Epic fell for it, fuck em.

I’m all for this.

Posted in: Death Grips Leak Angry Emails From Epic
#4  buzz fledderjohn | Oct 30th Score:-9

Anarcho-capitalism is the answer!

Okay, I’ll shut up now…

Posted in: Titus Andronicus And The Possibility Of Punk Patriotism

Deborah Wynn | Oct 26th Score:-9

Frankly-who gives a sh*t. Thanks for yet another “news”less article Stereogum.

Posted in: Lil Wayne Hospitalized After In-Flight Seizure

JAM Murray | Nov 1st Score:-10

yeah, this album is pretty lame

Posted in: Kendrick Sells 241K
#1  buzz fledderjohn | Oct 30th Score:-13

Great article Liz!

I think it’s important not to let Abraham Lincoln off the hook for so many of the crimes against civil liberties that he took during the Civil War. These things have been glossed over or forgotten through revisionist history. Basically Lincoln was the original NDAA style indefinite detention president. One could be arrested without charge or trial for badmouthing the president. Or, you could face a military tribunal for discouraging someone from entering in the draft (which first came into being under Lincoln).

I, for one, refuse to vote. I refuse to legitimize the criminal enterprise known as the Federal Government. I’m not going to vote for a lesser of two evils–that’s still evil. Both parties are a disgrace to this country. There needs to be more real choices! Until then, I refuse to vote for either of these beyond corrupt cartels.

Posted in: Titus Andronicus And The Possibility Of Punk Patriotism



Kevin Broydrick | Oct 30th Score:14

i envision the scene at the show looking something like this…

Posted in: Sigur Rós’s ( ) Turns 10


  feerock | Nov 1st Score:-3

not too impressed with this ’Gum list :( here’s a better one for October:

Posted in: Stereogum Monthly Mix: October 2012

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Advice to this commenter: You should totally reach out to the proprietor of the blog you big-upped and let him know what a fan you are of his work!]

Comments (27)
  1. I’m happy the story with max and the jpg ended well. We were all a little bit anxious about that one.

  2. I’m really afraid that the jesus camp gif will somehow morph into a nightmare tonight. I’m really afraid to go to bed like in that Simpsons Treehouse of Horror where Groundskeeper Willy stalks Bart and Lisa in their dreams.

    Lousy Smarch weather.

  3. The 5 stages of having a top Stereogum comment:
    1.) Pride, for having made an accomplishment.
    2.) Obsession, feeling I have to continue this top comment streak
    3.) Shame, for feeling proud of an internet accomplishment.
    4.) Apathy, realizing that my life with a top comment isn’t any different than life without.
    5.) Acceptance, that some day I will be dead.

  4. A shameless self-promotion got editor’s choice? AMRIT WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

    • Michael_  |   Posted on Nov 4th, 2012 +2

      I really didn’t understand that one either, and am still trying to. If it was to publicly shame the commenter, I don’t think giving them the editor’s choice resulted in harsh consequences of any shape or form. If anything, it forced me to visit the guy’s blog, snoop around to see if he was secretly a hired hand by some major label or PR company, but I don’t think he is. So I guess he wins? I say ban his IP address. Profile’s have a place to plug your blog or website, and that should be good enough. From one blogger to another, let me tell all of you: You’re not that special. There’s a bazillion of us clogging up the Internet, and no matter how great you write, no one is reading unless you somehow have good ins with influential people.

      • Amrit took the opportunity to use feerock’s comment as a PSA to the portion of the Stereogum community that continues to receive downvotes for commenting with links to other sites.

        As in, rather than jabbing at Stereogum and then commenting within Stereogum to promote another blog, why not spend your time in that blog that’s so much better?

        As you mentioned, the internet is cluttered with blogs, negativity and shameless self promotion. But the Stereogum community is, and has the opportunity to continue to be, more civil, reverent and positive than many others. That’s why I’m here and not wasting my time elsewhere trying to convince others that they suck, and other places are better.

        • As someone who semi-regularly posts links to blog articles I write, I have a hard time with the “instant-downvote” mentality. I have no illusions about my 10-30 hits per day blog being exactly what it is, but when I post a link to Stereogum it’s because I appreciate the level of discourse that (usually) happens in these comment threads and there’s something relevant (RELEVANT BEING A KEY WORD) that I want to share with people.

          When I posted a link to the Lord Huron album in last week’s Shut Up, Dude! I was greeted with a “Stop promoting your blog here, silly!” That’s fine, and my first reaction to a blog link is usually a downvote. But in that case, I shared a link to an album I didn’t think a lot of people were hearing and was hoping they would check out. There was no ulterior motive; I’m not in anybody’s pocket; I’m a 28 year old dude who lives in Portland Maine and works in parks and recreation.

          Comment boards have become the new chatroom and there’s a reason for that. The comment process gives us more time to fully consider how we want to respond to something. It also gives us the opportunity to say something that won’t immediately get scrolled up and off the screen by others’ responses. I find that the more self-aware and self-deprecating I am when I post links to Happy Music Sad Music, the less likely I am to be downvoted, and I think that’s telling.

          I guess this is all to say, I don’t think there’s a thing wrong with linking to your own or others’ blogs when there’s a reason to do so beyond shameless self promotion (as with that band Summer Teeth (?!) posting a direct link to their album). I have nothing to gain from linking people to my blog except the hope that someone will find something they really like in either the writing or the music I share.

          • Totally agree with you here, Kevin. The examples you give are the instances in which the provided link supplements the topic at hand.

            I dislike it when links are used to replace or denounce the content at hand or are completely off base and masturbatory.

          • I agree. And since you’re a familiar face around here, your links to your blog should not be met with instant downvotes.

            It just seems like a lot of people who post links to their own blogs comment on stereogum for the sole purpose of posting links to their blogs.

  5. i want an update on Grimes’ pussy rings:(

  6. I’m in Holland.

  7. Can we institute a “Shameless Self Promotion” comment of the week?

    Because I’m pretty sure I’d win it, a lot…

  8. Wow, I can feel the love.

    Lessons learned:

    Stereogummers love them some Abe Lincolns and his crackdowns on civil liberties.

    Stereogummers love them some two party system.

    Stereogummers do not love them some anarcho-capitalism.

    • yeah, save that anarcho-capitalism for consequence of sound.

    • Stereogummers love them some music.

      Stereogummers do not love them someone repeatedly shoving their political views down their throats, even in the comments section of a political article (that was also about music).

      • I wasn’t shoving anything down anyone’s throat, just throwing some apparently little known facts out there. Nobody was forced to read anything they didn’t want to read.

        I posted many times in that thread because I was trying to carry a dialogue with others who had answered my posts.

  9. Ahahah, dat frikkin gif!

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