Radiohead, Shindig, On A Friday demos

People are always going on about how you can’t make any money with music, but I’m here to tell you that’s simply not true! Case in point: “Top Rated” eBay seller 619andyp has a set of four Radiohead demo cassettes going for a cool 50 grand.

Of course, when Thom and Co. made these tapes, they weren’t calling themselves Radiohead — they went went by On A Friday, before changing their name to Shindig in 1990 (both names way cooler and more timeless-sounding than Radiohead, don’t you agree? No?). Radiohead hyper-obsessives (aka Radiohead “fans”) will be excited to know that some of the cassettes do include early versions of songs that would later make Pablo Honey (not widely considered Radiohead’s best album).

You’d think that any seller trying to move four old cassettes for fitty large would give a detailed explanation of their provenance, perhaps a certificate of authenticity — but not Andy. His description is short and to the point:

Artist: Radiohead (a.k.a. On A Friday, Shindig)

Title:  First four Radiohead demo cassette tapes

Comments: Greatest band in the world

User pays shipping, You can Buy It Now for $49,999.99. Or you can make an offer. I’d be willing to be he’ll go down to $45K for the right buyer. Or you can just download those suckers gratis. But don’t do that. Piracy supports terrorism.


(Thanks to Tim Curtin for the tip!)


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  1. Augh, if only those Mediafire links worked. Anyone? Help?

  2. I believe in my heart that what I’m about to say actually happened. However, the mists of time have suggested to me that I could have imagined the whole thing.

    Back when tears were perpetually flooding heaven, I was in a record store. I owned a copy of _Pablo Honey_ at the time. I remember looking in the CD singles bin. (“CD” is short for compact disc, by the way.) Every ounce of me has a recollection of staring at a copy of Radiohead’s _Drill_ EP and noticing that three of the EP’s four songs were already on _PH_. Therefore, I recall putting it down and purchasing something else. Since that time, I have repeatedly thought that I made one of my dumbest decisions that day. I don’t think I made that decision on a Friday, but still.

    I know that _Drill_ was severely limited, so again, I might be imagining this whole thing. However, the record store I patronized on that day specialized in all kinds of import stuff. Eventually, they would stock all 20 versions of the _Dissident_ EP, as well as Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 of the _March of Pigs_ single. Therefore, I really do think this event happened. I spent the better part of the 90s trying to track down “Stupid Car,” a song that I wouldn’t have known existed had I not seen it somewhere. Eventually, I heard the song, further proving my apparent misguided move. “Stupid Car” is not very good, so I could have sold the EP for much more than I would have paid for it, had I paid for it. Alas.

  3. welp looks like I gotta take out a second mortgage

  4. If i had $50k to throw around, I’d buy this…

    …and then flip it for a profit…

    …and then spend the profit on Christopher Stopa demos…

  5. Eh…I’d think about it if I still had a cassette machine.

  6. fucking up my money so yeah I had to act sane

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