Dave Grohl Rejoins Queens Of The Stone Age For New Album

Earlier today on Zane Lowe’s BB1 show, Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme announced that Dave Grohl would rejoining the group for their new album (Grohl also played on 2002′s Songs For The Deaf). He’ll replace former drummer Joey Castillo. The new album will be release next year and head below to see the tweet affirmation of Dave’s regained QOTSA presence (via P4K).

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  1. Always maintained Dave’s a far better drummer than guitarist. As a drummer, he’s one of the best alive. Go ahead & downvote this.

  2. He is one of the very best drummers… but I’m a huge Joey fan. Wonder what happened?

  3. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they bring Dean Ween back to play guitar on a few tracks. As far as I know he’s got nothing else going on.

    • actually, pretty sure he has a solo record currently in the works on which Homme contributes, so a QOTSA collaboration sounds reasonable.

      and every time I listen to the drumming on Lounge Act from Live at Reading, I wonder what kind of merciful god ever allowed Grohl to pick up a guitar in the first place. Good news all around.

      • Dave always played guitar. He was playing guitar in a band before he ever taught himself how to play drums.

        Yes, he is a better drummer than he is a guitar player, but he’s always played guitar.

  4. There could be no better news. QOTSA are gods and with Dave back in the fray, they’ll probably just be as great as they have always been. I’m just excited to hear a new QOTSA album is coming. With this and Coheed with new music, my brain is doing dances my ears can condone.

  5. they best be playing coachella

  6. Aaaand Dave Grohl has saved Queens of the Stone Age from remaining trapped in the stone age.

  7. So I’m wondering, what about Them Crooked Vultures?

  8. dave grohl back with the queens. foo fighters on indefinite hiatus. weed legal in north america. gay marriage legal somewhere else. barry obama back in office, and diamond joe washin his t-bird in the white house d-way for the next 4 years.

    just a realllllll fuckin good day.

  9. Can John Paul Jones play too?

  10. It would be nice to have Nick back but even though that is unlikely it will be interesting to hear QotSA w Dave & NOT w Nick (& w Mikey? does he count? he should!). I’m also guessing Dave will be less involved that he was on SFTD.

    Regarding TCV – that’s still happening but I have my fingers crossed we may get a lineup change. Dare I say it? JPJ (who’s amazing & I love) takes a break (he’s old AND busy… sorry) and… Jack White joins on guitar, moving Josh to bass. Possible? Possibull? Josh & Jack are clearly buds (end or Freedom @ 21 vid?). I wouldn’t rule that out. There’s a collaboration there that will happen.

    And what about Dave’s Soundcity doc that’s coming up? That’ll be next year too. And that soundtrack will be new music & all collaborations (ie. Ballhog or Tugboat?) which will be awesome.

    Also for what it’s worth when I actually met Josh (where’s my broom?) I asked him what band everyone should be into & he recommended UK band the Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster who are AMAZING. Really are one of the best & most underrated bands I’ve ever heard (look them up!). They’re actually incredible. Their first 2 albums especially! Like the Strokes from Hell. I shouldn’t have said that. Don’t let that deter you. Anyway check out the Royal Society (the album Josh suggested) which was produced by Chris Goss… (it’s harder to find than their first one) & they just reunited (after breaking up) & did a successful UK tour so hopefully they’ll join Queens for a tour.


    (whew! longest Stereogum comment EVER!)

    • OMGG!!!!!!!!!!! YEZZZZZZ

    • I am greatly confused by your ideas for TCV. First of all, the lineup was perfect the way it was. Second, JPJ is an all-time great. JPJ was 1/4 of Led Zeppelin! I dig Jack White as much as the next guy, but it’s actually him who is busy (dude has two bands to get back to IF he decides not to do another solo album). JPJ not being in TCV would make it a different band.

      • It totally would make it a different band… but still rocking groovy hard AND still keeping it interesting (if not even more so). And believe it or not I’m not wishing JPJ out – he is amazing (& when I saw TCV I thought he kinda stole the show)… Josh just clearly likes mixing it up (see Queens’ lineup over the years + Desert Sessions! C’mon!) & seeing him in the Freedom at 21 video makes it clear that him & Jack are in cahoots. A 2nd Vultures album is definitely going to happen… I just think that the potential to shuffle the “team” is there. I would guess spring of 2014 b/c the Queens tour & Soundcity project.

        • All logical and interesting comments/ideas, but for me TCV are special because of the involvement of JPJ. Holmes, Grohl and White working together, I think, would create a totally different vibe.

  11. ………..fresh pots?

  12. I can only say……oh yeah!!

  13. It’s entirely possible that they could bring sexy back with this album.

  14. hey, y’all talkin’ a lot of shiznit up on here….must be young boys. Dave Grohl is a tremendous guitar player. He’s actually a tremendous songwriter and frontman. But he’s absolutely one of the best drummers on planet earth, when it comes to rock n roll. Can you give him his props for being one of the greatest musicians of the last 30 years and leave it at that? Why does he have to be extremely good at one of the other…he sang backup for Nirvana the whole time, he was a guitar player before a drummer, etc. I’m a drummer and guitar player, and frankly I’m way better at drums, but I make more $$ writing songs and playing guitar…..

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