Crystal Castles - (III)

Man, the second I hit publish on a new Crystal Castles’ song stream, I get hit with the news that the whole new album, (III), is up on Spotify now. Gah! Also? Sweet! I’ve loved every track I’ve heard so far — “Plague,” “Wrath Of God,” and “Sad Eyes” — so I’m stoked to dig in. You guys are, too? Let’s spin this thing, then! Stream the album below, comment in the comments.

III is out 11/12 on Casablanca/Fiction/Universal Republic.

(Thanks to David Sobalvarro for the tip.)

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  1. Lee Stepien  |   Posted on Nov 7th, 2012 +7

    spotify is bum slops

  2. Daniel Restany  |   Posted on Nov 7th, 2012 +1


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  4. consistency from a good band, something that has been lacking in 2k12

  5. Loving the extremely compressed kicks on this record. (III) seems much more polarized than (II) and there is truly not much fluff on the release. Plus the closing track is beautifully haunting.

  6. For me the strongest tracks are Plague, Affection and Child I Will Hurt You. Plague is so strong, possibly the one of their best cuts ever. I must admit though, as a whole, I like (II) better.

  7. I love the music and this one is pretty easily accessible as opposed to there other more disjointed ventures. But i agree with Dorothy, (II) has my heart. Plague and Affection for sure.

  8. Child I Will Hurt You is giving me some strong Edward Scissorhands/Danny Elfman vibes.

    Good stuff.

  9. In retrospect, it’s amazing how relatively little recognition/hype CC has gotten after churning out three great records. Diggin this one already.

  10. Wow. This does not sound at all like the AV Club review lead me to believe. I’m really digging it.

  11. A bit ironic that we can’t stream from Canada since CC is from here… Damn you spotify! Saw in show lately, sure it’s pure deliciously dark electro as always.

  12. (II) will always have my heart, but this isn’t bad. I really like Plague, Sad Eyes, and Child I Will Hurt You. There’s a bit of a slump after Transgender though, and placing Wrath of God and Affection back to back doesn’t really make sense. Still solid though.

  13. Violent Youth is bloody good

  14. The lyrics have been posted

    Really loving Transgender, Child I Will Hurt You and Kerosene.

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  16. I pre-ordered via iTunes… and was notified TODAY (Nov 7) that the album was available. Been “spinning” it since. Great album.

  17. first impresh: Not a bad ditty. definitely some bangers. not as abrasive as II, which is a tits album, no question. this album has got me currently 1/4 chub, but i could see it going 4/5 usher climaxes, easily. which, is just a mess for me but worth it.

    always worth it.
    hey, thanks.

  18. There’s a mexican band called Castillos de Cristal… about creativity

  19. This is really great. now I’m regretting not seeing them live, though I’m sure there’ll be plenty more opportunities for me to do that.

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