Sufjan Stevens - "Silver & Gold" Video

Sufjan Stevens has already released one video from his forthcoming EP box Silver & Gold: Songs For Christmas: The amazing claymation gorefest “Mr. Frosty Man.” Today, we get another one, and it’s pretty much that video’s polar opposite. The video for the box’s title track, a cover of an old Johnny Marks Christmas song, is Instagram-style home-movie footage of Sufjan’s nephew Gavin flying a cute on a beach somewhere, while wearing underoos. It’s extraordinarily cute. Watch it below.

Silver & Gold: Songs For Christmas is out 11/13 on Asthmatic Kitty.

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  1. It’s called “Justice Delivers It’s Death” on the album, FYI.

  2. What a great song

  3. Sufjan’s Christmas covers are the some of the few that I can stand. Mostly because they don’t sound like the original.

  4. Commenter game: Find the adjective, replace it with a noun.

    Video and music were tops. Luv u Suffie.

  5. Michael_  |   Posted on Nov 10th, 2012 -3

    I get this was meant to be “cute” and show the innocence of childhood, but talk about a lapse of responsible adult judgement on the part of Sufjan and his nephew’s parents. In speaking with a few friends, we agreed Sufjan’s intentions are in the right place, but we all felt uncomfortable watching it — one friend noted he felt incredibly awkward after someone came by his desk and saw what he was watching — as this is exactly the type of stuff parents throw up on the Internet that exploits their kid to a pedo. It angers me whenever I see my parent friends and other adults posting their kids pics all over facebook (especially the ones who won’t use their own faces as their profile picture because they’re protective of their own identities, but have no issue plastering their kids all over the place.) I’m sure your children will grow up to embarrass and ruin their own Internet reputations when they’re old enough to know better, but seriously, let’s at least give them a fighting chance.

  6. wow these lyrics sure are heavy for a holiday song

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