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What a week, friends. My Bloody Valentine guaranteed a new album within the next eight weeks, Sufjan connected on a patriotic new jam, Lushlife hooked up a great video, we thought about rock operas, Depeche Mode, and Swans, and re-elected the Presiden Of The United States Of America. We keep busy. So do you, with wonderful and terrible comments on the regs. Let’s laugh at each other together:


#10  donnytilla | Nov 7th Score:13

dave grohl back with the queens. foo fighters on indefinite hiatus. weed legal in north america. gay marriage legal somewhere else. barry obama back in office, and diamond joe washin his t-bird in the white house d-way for the next 4 years.

just a realllllll fuckin good day.

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#9  godsdog | Nov 7th Score:14

My Bloody Valentine have NEVER released an album under a Democratic president.

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#8  lintmonster | Nov 2nd Score:14

Well the bright side is that Best Coast is having so much fun drinking smooth and mellow triple distilled Bushmills Irish Whiskey!

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Jordan Purkat | Nov 2nd Score:15

“Silver Age” above “Zen Arcade”???!?!????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love em both, but that’s just a big Husker Don’t.

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#6  godsdog | Nov 2nd Score:15

First they listed the Pixies, and I didn’t speak out.

Then they listed Jesus Lizard, and didn’t speak out.

Then they listed The Velvet underground, and I didn’t speak out.

Then they listed Husker Du, Bob Mould and Sugar, and did NOT put a Husker Du album at the top. They also downplayed the importance of Grant Hart.

You have made an old man very sad Timothy and Elisabeth, and I don’t think we can be friends anymore.

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#5  Michael Nelson | Nov 6th Score:16

In what universe is this a controversial statement? He’s plainly one of the best drummers in rock history. He may be one of the most indistinct guitarists.

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Anton Udd | Nov 2nd Score:21

I’m happy the story with max and the jpg ended well. We were all a little bit anxious about that one.

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Alex Sobel | Nov 3rd Score:23

The 5 stages of having a top Stereogum comment:
1.) Pride, for having made an accomplishment.
2.) Obsession, feeling I have to continue this top comment streak
3.) Shame, for feeling proud of an internet accomplishment.
4.) Apathy, realizing that my life with a top comment isn’t any different than life without.
5.) Acceptance, that some day I will be dead.

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Alex Cho | Nov 6th Score:27

Always maintained Dave’s a far better drummer than guitarist. As a drummer, he’s one of the best alive. Go ahead & downvote this.

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#1  spennyb | Nov 7th Score:29


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#5  buzz fledderjohn | Nov 5th Score:-3

I wasn’t shoving anything down anyone’s throat, just throwing some apparently little known facts out there. Nobody was forced to read anything they didn’t want to read.

I posted many times in that thread because I was trying to carry a dialogue with others who had answered my posts.

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Kevin Broydrick | Nov 2nd Score:-4

so as i listened to Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, and remembered how fucking great it is, i decided to write about how much death grips sucks and how awesome “Holiday in Camodia” is.

Check it out if interested, and please downvote me, I like it….

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Wesley Morgan Paraham | Nov 8th Score:-6

Jesus, Tom. Hyperbole much? After I listened to the Gaga version, my opinion of the song remained virtually unchanged, Gaga or otherwise. Lamar’s flow wasn’t compromised, the track wasn’t compromised, it’s all good. Maybe you’d feel better if the Gaga version had the Lamar layered vocals? That would make it sound a bit more familiar, I don’t know. Anyway, chill out.

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#2  donnytilla | Nov 7th Score:-6

pale flesh made me make a disgusted, indignant face. head started rocking because that beat is JUST TOO IGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on that NES duck tales shit. are you kidding me. i want to hear someone just spit some bullshit on that and tear it up. not some lil sean asshole though. someone with some knowledgable ignorance.


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Naqiy Rudolph Mcmullen | Nov 7th Score:-6


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  Spikelee3000 | Nov 7th Score:3

Best case scenario: It comes out on the same day as the upcoming Avalanches album.

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  lintmonster | Nov 8th Score:1

One-Oh-Trix Point Never? Am I saying this right?

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[EDITOR'S NOTE: You are saying it right. You should say it often.]

Comments (39)
  1. Haven’t been around in a while and -6 now is good enough to get a bottom rated comment? Shit this week would have been perfect for a troll bottom five sweep.

    • He deserved it. There’s only one man I’ve ever called a coward, and that’s Naqiy Rudolph Mcmullen.

    • Seems like people just weren’t voting/commenting this week. Not sure why, I don’t think anything else was going on…

      • I fell off

      • To busy actually voting…it takes the effort of at least 15 thumbs up/downs on stereogum

      • …Certainly not post hurricane blackouts, earthquakes, and nor easter snow storms here in NJ. Pretty sure I saw someone at one of the shelters Donny, so the rest of the country really has no excuse.

        • *downvote Donny

          • multiple upvotes for the “downvote donny”? what are yous trying to say? you don’t like the don-meister? this is a democracy, and i’ll be your mitt if you want me (that’s copy written officially as of now, pun intended too for that line [obvs])

            honestly i’m about at the point of saying “fuck the world” to all of this nonsense. why waste pure, unadulterated talent on fools? i’ve got offers jumping at the bit – and by offers i mean offers and by jumping at the bit i mean jumping at the D, and by the D i mean the Donny D.
            anyway, i’ll break it down, for the dummies.

            1. i’m talking about pale flesh from the crystie castie albie. such a jam. when the average “joe idiot” reads those first two words, there should already be an up vote. come on, this doesn’t require a tutorial.

            2. NES duck tales video game soundtrack reference. at this point, it’s like Einstein presenting his genius to a pack of inbred dogs (golden retrievers, probably).

            3. the beat would make a killer track for someone to spit some ignorant shit on. really dont’ think this requires explanation, OBVS.

            4. i identified that it shouldn’t be yung shawn (OBVIOUSLY). Wasn’t aware I was dealing with the wittle seanjohn appreciation club (I’m NOT a member – obvs).

            5. just disappointed. it makes me wonder where my comments would be if it weren’t for the D-titty haters. would all my comments be at 50+? most likely. Would i have the respect and praise of all of my digital colleagues? obvs. Would my D grow taller than long duck dong? dbl obvs. Does any of this matter? Find the passion in YOUR life, guy.

            anyway. you guys have changed; not for the better

            outtie, SO HARD.


          • ahh shit. you know, you live and you learn. just saw the #1 boy RJC’s explanation of the confusion. you took my raw, powerful, sexual enjoyment of pale flesh (TWSS) as an insult. shit, maybe sometimes the passion comes out as an aggressive passion? We’re all animals. I’m not into that S&M garbage but you know, at the end of the day we’re all animals. right?

            got some changes to make.

            Don, Titty.

          • not gonna lie – had a couple drinkies. i’m only human. i’m only dancer.

          • just realized that the reference was to the fact that people in the shelters would downvote because of the hard times situation they are in and that no one else had an excuse.

            just a lot of regret tonight – the human condition really. sometimes we all have too many BL Nums and get too loose. Minneapolis belongs to you, at the end of day. I’m in Minneapolis so it’s related.

            <3 <3<3 <=3 <3<3

  2. Yeeeeeeehooooo! (yelled in the style of Pitbull before a guest rap verse.)

  3. I thought Naqiy’s comment was actually pretty funny, ah well.

    On a completely unrelated but I need to post it anyway note, I went to see Jack White in Edinburgh last night, and it was AWESOME. He started with Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground and played a version of Hotel Yorba with a fiddle solo AND duelling acoustic guitar and double bass. Also Raconteurs tracks are so much better live.

  4. Man I never thought I’d see the day when donny’s in the downvotes just for being himself. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

  5. The day after Iceland Airwaves concluded with Sigur Rós headlining, I met up with a fellow Stereogum commenter and Icelandic native.

    Sölvi met me at The Lebowski Bar in Reykjavik for a couple beers and a couple hours of music discourse. Right when we were about to leave a random girl stops at our table and says, “Björk is DJing at Boston bar next door.”

    We exchange puzzled glances and were outside in seconds looking for this bar. It was located a block away and when I opened the door I was greeted with the final minute of TLC’s “Waterfalls” – already coincidental considering I spent the day viewing waterfalls.

    At the top of the stairs it became apparent that Björk was NOT DJing. There was a crowd of roughly 30 people, some sitting and most standing by the PA system where some girl was playing songs off her iPod playing 90s jams.

    “There she is.” And there she was. Björk was standing next to the window laughing and dancing with her friends. Mezmerized we got beers and took a seat and did our best not to just stare, but mainly discussed how coincidentally stereotypical the whole moment felt. I mean, I’d wager most Americans associate Iceland with Björk even though she’s usually living in New York.

    I watched as she danced a silver bowl containing ice and two bottles of champagne back to her friends as they started to get down to Beyonce’s “Countdown” and then whatever track is immediately after that song on 4. It was all quite surreal.

    Until I heard it: “amilliamilliamilliamilli…” — no way. So there I was, reciting Lil Wayne lyrics while a small group of people, Björk included, danced in a bar called Boston in Iceland. “Get Money” came next and a little later that Thuggish Ruggish song… but regardless:

    tl;dr Saw Björk dance to Lil Wayne in Iceland.

    • Holy ish RJ, that is an amazing story! Too cool that it was enjoyed with a fellow ‘Gum commenter. Dammmmnnnnnnn. Listenin to amili now to keep the vibe goin

    • Cool story, I liked the part when you say it wasn’t Bjork and I was like “aww” but then it was!!!

    • Michael_  |   Posted on Nov 9th, 2012 +5


      jk jk lol lol That’s a very fun story, Raptor. Iceland must truly be as magical and elf-like as the parodies make them out to be.

      By the way, when’s the Stereogum year-end meet up party? I need to make sure I take a day off for that so I can attend.

  6. I’m absolutely honored to be put on the same list as D tits.

  7. I put together a composite illustration of the type of person most likely to downvote donnytilla:

  8. Yikes…Worst Status for a -3?

  9. you know when the #1 post of the week IS A PICTURE OF A VIDEO GAME there might something wrong with this site.

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