Gunplay - "Drop"

The splenetic Miami knucklehead Gunplay is the most consistently talented and entertaining piece of Rick Ross’s entire Maybach Music empire, but it’s tough to imagine him ever getting more famous than he is. He’s named Gunplay, he raps exclusively about committing socially reprehensible acts, and he’s currently under house arrest for pulling a gun on an accountant. But Gunplay’s major-label debut is coming, and if Def Jam manages to make a star about him, I’ll take back every bad thing I ever said about the label. First single “Drop” is a great start: A snarly banger that’s catchy enough for radio, even in radio-edit form, with all the cusses turned into dub-style aural blurs. Listen below.

Gunplay’s solo album Medellin is out next year on Def Jam.

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  1. Hell yes. Kill em.

  2. i don’t know yous guys. The name is just so awful. Wack. as. fuck. I think i’m still kendrisized because I was just bummed listening to the content, and I luv the ignorant shit (as you know). And who gunplays an accountant? I picture him at H&R block pulling the jammy on some college summer student. probs what happened. confirmed.

    “MAKE ME MORE MONEY – MAKE ME MORE MONEY” – gunplay to accountant

    • I dono man, to me Gunplay is the thug lifer who used to cook crack and beat the shit outta Kendrick’s tiny ass body. Which may have prompted Kendrick to start dressing up and get introspective in triplets. Haven’t gotten too into his new album yet.

      And I was at H&R when the whole thing went down. The intern told him he might see bigger ROIs if he cut off his dreads, which, to be fair, would set any psychopath off.

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