Ra Ra Riot - Beta Love

Brooklyn-via-Syracuse indie-poppers Ra Ra Riot are set to release their third album — and first since parting ways with cellist Alexandra Lawn — next year, and they’re building anticipation starting today with the release of the album’s first single/title track. “Beta Love” is a pure-pop confection, heavy on the frosting, all synth and falsetto and light bounce. Give it a listen.

Beta Love
01 “Dance With Me”
02 “Binary Mind”
03 “Beta Love”
04 “Is It Too Much”
05 “For Once”
06 “Angel, Please”
07 “What I Do For U”
08 “When I Dream”
09 “That Much”
10 “Wilderness”
11 “I Shut Off”

Beta Love is out 1/22 via Barsuk.

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  1. Sounds good. This will be a nice way to start the next year.

  2. An unexpected change in direction, but damn, this is Discovery done right.

  3. Wow, this is a lot different from their earlier stuff but absolutely lovely. I am even more excited for the new album.

  4. This is roughly the direction I’d been hoping they’d go in ever since “Too Too Too Fast” (my favorite song on the first record), but I have to say I do miss their absolutely IMMENSE live drumming from that second record. Maybe there will be more of it on the other songs on this album but the percussion made an almost Genesis-like racket on that second record and I hope they didn’t swap that out completely for drum machines.

  5. I really hope they don’t ditch their strings on the next album. The Rhumb Line is flawless IMO and I would hate to see Ra Ra Riot pull a Pop Etc.

    • i agree 100%. i can’t stand that hyper-produced sound, but i suppose this direction was inevitable in the wake of Discovery. i also heard that they lost their cellist before this album :-(

  6. I went into this thinking id hate it, but its actually becoming one of my favorite Ra Ra Riot songs! very nice

  7. nice try van halen – jump.

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