Beach House - "Wild" video

Beach House’s new video for the dreamy Bloom song “Wild” tells a fractured, unhappy story about romantic violence and obsession, one that I’m not entirely sure I follow completely. It’s shot in a dank, realistic story, its narrative chopped up into isolated moments, most of which are not the happiest. This is an intense piece of work, and you can watch it below.

Bloom is out now on Sub Pop.

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  1. This is not what lives in my head when I listen to this song.

  2. I wonder if the day will ever come where Beach House will have a video that finally does their music some kind of justice.

    • You know, I used to think the same thing until they released the video for “Lazuli”. We, as BH fans, want them to put out a video that’s all colorful and dreamy and sparkly because that’s what we hear in some of their songs, but they aren’t gonna do that. I applaud them for not doing that. I mean, they aren’t stupid, they know what the average fan would probably anticipate when it comes to BH videos.

      Thank you, Beach House, for doing whatever the fuck you want to do with your music. Thanks for being creative (and sticking out like a sore thumb) in a sea of uninspiring, bullshit music that exists today.

  3. arcade fire, beach house, cat power, for some reason the best bands make shitty videos lol

  4. Michael_  |   Posted on Nov 14th, 2012 0

    I actually really liked this video. Something about how fucked up it all was with the junkies was beautiful. It reminds me of one of my favorite Jonas Åkerlund vids in Smashing Pumpkins “Try, Try, Try.”

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