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Outkast were No. 3 in our list of the 20 Albums We’ve Been Waiting For Forever, and as we wrote about the band back then, “If you’ve been near a television recently, you’ll know that Andre 3000 is too busy shaving his moustache to record a new Outkast album.” Seems we weren’t alone in our frustration. In a recent Village Voice interview, Three Stacks’ partner, Big Boi, said he asked Dre to rap on “about five” songs from Big Boi’s forthcoming Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors, but “I guess he was just too busy. He said he had to do some Gillette shit.” Burn! But seriously, dude: Big Boi makes a good point. WTF?

The interview has one other kind of amazing revelation: Apparently Big Boi was offered the role of Damon Pope on Sons Of Anarchy! However, he turned it down because, as he says, “I was in the middle of this album and I was like ’I can’t really do this right now.’” That role is currently being played by Harold Perrineau, of LOST and Oz, and I gotta say, while Perrineau is arguably one of three credible actors in that massive ensemble cast (check out Chuck Zito’s acting chops!), Big Boi would have made that character something else entirely. (Weirdly, Andre had a small recurring role on The Shield, the infinitely superior series on which SOA creator Kurt Sutter worked prior to this series.) Tons of missed opportunities here. At least Big Boi has a new album to show for them! What have you got, Dre?

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  1. Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

    The funny thing is — the only rapper who would be able to beef with Big Boi and not get totally burned on a career-ending level is Andre. As fun as a battle between these two would be, I’d still rather just have another Outkast album.

  2. Every time you refer to 3k as “Dre” I’m thinking Doctor.

    Anyway, can we stick with “Andre” or “3000″ or “Three Stacks” (good mention above) in the future?

  3. Big Boi’s just sore that Andre won’t do Movember with him.

  4. Damn, damn, damn Dre,

    You could at least slip in a decently witty product reference like “flow sharper than Gilette, etc…” in a verse on the album and avoid estranging lifelong fans that have put you on a musical pedestal that transcends “rapper”. Maybe Big Boi should get Converse to sponsor a song, then you’d be on board right? We still admire you greatly, it’s just getting frustrating

    Sincerely yet lovingly,

    Outkast Fans

  5. Whacckkkkkk. And in my opinion two and a half men is even an “infinitely superior” show than sons of anarchy, albeit less hilarious to watch.

    • I used to really love SOA and now I sort of hate-watch it. What it lacks in continuity, logic, and storytelling quality, it makes up for in hate-watchability!

  6. People always hold Andre as being the creative, the poet, etc., but when it comes down to it I prefer Big Boi because he’s here offering us great music, while most are waiting for an Andre track at best. Outkast’s relationship with its fans is very reminiscent of a child’s relationship with his step dad and biological father. We complain how much we want our real father in our life, while our step dad has been there all along taking care of us since our pops (Andre) abandoned us.

    Forever Big Boi.

    • editor’s choice comment of the week, I’m calling it.

    • Coolest step-dad ever.

    • The thing for me is that Big Boi has gotten consistently better over the course of his career, while Andre just got weirder. I will fully admit that I think Andre is MUCH better on their earlier albums, but about the time of Stankonia, Big Boi caught up. These days, I may prefer Andre’s musical ideas more, because Big is still doing pretty straight hip-hop stuff. But I think Big Boi’s flow has surpassed Andre’s.

  7. Excuse me Michael, but did you *see* Big Boi’s Law & Order SVU episode? The dude needs to stay behind the mic.

  8. Chuck Zito no good on SOA? Don’t watch that show. Chuck is a pretty funny guy IRL but I suppose it would be pretty surprising if he was anything other than a horrible actor.

  9. I thought ‘Dre’s guest spots this year have been pretty great – on Gorillaz’ DoYaThing, Frank Ocean’s Pink Matter. Hell, he almost made that Dedication To My Ex song passable (although I might be biased on that one because seeing a cat spit ‘Dre’s verses in the video is pretty hilarious).

    Big Boi’s stuff is sounding great too, Vicious Lies… sounds like it could live up to the standards he set on Lucius Leftfoot.

    These two things combined makes me a bit sad they can’t just get their shit together and make another Outkast record. in a way I’m kind of glad ‘Dre’s not doing any guest spots on Vicious Lies… because then I’d be left wondering “…well if you can hook up for this, why not do another Outkast record?”

  10. Daddy Fat Sad :(

  11. I’m kind of indifferent at this point, but only because their first five albums will ALWAYS exist, exactly as they are now.

    Beyond that, it’s been SIX YEARS since Idlewild (soon to be seven) and NINE YEARS! (soon to be ten) since the last proper (imo) Outkast album (Speakerboxxx / The Love Below). And even that album, in hindsight, makes it appear pretty clear that Andre 3K was already moving on to some different interests. It was mentioned more than once post Idlewild that he was ‘learning to play guitar better’, and now he’s doing the Hendix picture. So, ya know, whatever. Those first five albums will ALWAYS exist, and Big Boi will keep it movin’.

    • I can’t understand why people underappreciate Idlewild. It’s a convential great Outkast album. Not an exceptional one, but still the one to enjoy. How can an album with songs like Train, Chronometrophobia, Peaches, Mighty O, In your dreams and Morris Brown be bad? I am not raging, just wondering. It’s a good example why I should not pay attention to the consensus society came to. I shall go and try listening some MDNA.

      Oh, and another little statement: what’s the point of expecting something?

      • Never said I didn’t appreciate Idlewild. I like it well enough. I said (imo) it’s not a PROPER ‘Outkast’ album, which means its actually been nearly a decade since they released one of those.

        The reason why I, personally, feel that way, is because it IS actually a soundtrack for the movie. Most of the songs are clearly written about the people and events taking place in the movie and are even performed in character in some cases. So for me, regardless of quality (which I don’t think is quite as high as the few albums before it, either) its just not exactly an ‘Outkast’ album in the proper sense. I own it, though, and I agree that it has a few great tracks.

      • Also, I don’t understand your last question. Is that some sort of existential philosophizing? Life is one giant, endless series of expectations. Sometimes you get an exceeds, sometimes you get disappointment.

        • Sorta kinda.

          I mean, it’s better not to expect anything and be surprised, than opposite.

          Not saying any of you lost your mind waiting for music made by Dre.

  12. PS – I don’t think they have beef. Those cats are brothers for life. Big has always given honest, blunt opinions and answers regarding how long it’s taken anything to happen in the Outkast world over the last decade.

  13. Andre 3000=the black Axl Rose…i’m surprised it’s taking THIS long for the hate to finally start coming out. ya know this IS 2012 Dre…you don’t have to do a FULL album to appease the fans if you don’t want to, just release long singles or eps or one off singles w/a couple cute vids here n there.

  14. I don’t know what the exact policy is for cutting and pasting here at Stereogum, so I’ll just go link style.

    Big Boi says ‘no beef’ at Billboard

    Andre 3000 says he doesn’t know when, or if, he’ll do a solo album or Outkast reunion over at Rolling Stone.

  15. SOA is great, and you young inteelictual types with your hippity hop can go watch some arty bullshit or some high falutin show with the big words that make you feel good about yer fancy pants college edjumacation.

    Just kidding. Sons of Anarchy is awful, but I just can’t help myself. I have to see the latest ridiculous plot hole the writers will dig for the characters. Neo Nazi Henry Rollins raping the voice of Leela? Why not? Shoehorn in a trip to Ireland for no good reason, and populate it with absurd stereotypes? Absolutely. Michael from Lost immolating a teenage girl? Damn right!

    SOA is like a latter day …Trail of Dead album. Chocked full of amazingly bad ideas, and so over-the-top that you couldn’t look away even if you wanted to.

  16. Dese f**kin guys, huh?

  17. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say I would be totally down for a legit beef between Andre and Big Boi, and I don’t think there would be anything “sad” about it. It’s not like Andre has lost a step (have you HEARD his verse on that Rick Ross jam “Sixteen”? If not go listen to that song RIGHT NOW)

    I can’t even IMAGINE the level of quality rap that could come out of a beef between these two, even though I love them both pretty equally and wouldn’t be able to pick a side…

    • Really, you’d take a couple of diss tracks over a new OutKast joint? Honkey, please!

      • No, I would prefer a new outkast album (doi), I’m just saying that we’ve never really heard many diss tracks from either of these guys and I’d be interested to see what it would sound like. It would be the Scorpion v. Sub Zero of rap beefs.

        • But the two are kind of mutually exclusive. If they beef to the point of releasing diss tracks against each other, that makes a new OutKast joint ever more unlikely. So to hope for diss tracks is to hope for a situation in which album #7 is much less likely to happen.

          • Nah, I hear you, but I prefer to envision a really nasty beef followed by a reunion of the utmost tenderness.

            Butttttt that’s Kevin Broydrick’s world, I’m just living in it.

  18. As a non-American who has not known about anything SOA post-season 2 and thus assumed the show was still critically acclaimed… what happened?

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