The Beatles Vinyl Box Set

The Stereogum prizewagon is back today to give away one of the hottest items out — the stereo edition of the Beatles vinyl box Apple/EMI put out earlier this fall (here’s the product link). To enter the sweeps, you need be a fan of Stereogum on Facebook and comment with your favorite Beatles album (maybe a sentence about it, too?) via Facebook Connect (do not use your ‘Gum user account on this post — we’ll have to be able to check if you are a fan of Stereogum on FB when the sweepstakes ends). Sweepstakes ends 11/29 at 6 PM EST and the winner will be picked at random. An exhaustive list of the LPs is included below (via Press Release).

Please Please Me
“Love Me Do” and “P.S. I Love You” are presented in mono
(North American LP debut in stereo)

With The Beatles
(North American LP debut in stereo)

A Hard Day’s Night

(North American LP debut in stereo)

Beatles For Sale
(North American LP debut in stereo)

Features George Martin’s 1986 stereo remix

Rubber Soul
Features George Martin’s 1986 stereo remix

Original album

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Packaging includes replica psychedelic inner sleeve, cardboard cutout sheet and additional insert

Magical Mystery Tour
Packaging includes 24-page colour book

The Beatles (double album)
Packaging includes double-sided photo montage/lyric sheet and 4 solo colour photos

Yellow Submarine
“Only A Northern Song” is presented in mono. Additional insert includes original American liner notes.

Abbey Road

Original album

Let It Be
Original album

Past Masters, Volumes One & Two
(double album)
“Love Me Do” (original single version), “She Loves You,” “I’ll Get You,” and “You Know My Name
(Look Up The Number)” are presented in mono. Packaging, notes and photographic content is based
on the 2009 CD release.

The set also includes a 252-page book of photos and context.

Comments (480)
  1. “The Beatles”, commonly known as The White Album. Revolution #9, Rocky Raccoon, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, and that Joan Didion book.

  2. magical mystery tour. it’s fun.

  3. Revolver, all the way.

  4. yellow submarine is “all too much for me to say”

  5. Revolver!!!

  6. Revolver for sure. It’s the album with most soul and the best melodies of Beatles, Tomorrow Never Knows it’s one of the best songs of all time!

  7. Rubber Soul, I have fond memories of playing Norwegian Wood with my best friend.

  8. The Beatles (White Album). Scary, spooky, sweet, strung-out, sappy. Listen to it a side at a time, one for each Beatle, as nature intended! Look at the poster! Put the pics up in your locker at school!!

  9. Love me some Abbey Road.

  10. Let It Be… Naked

    Because “Don’t Let Me Down” is the jam to end all jams!

  11. In a grudge fight between Revolver and Rubber Soul, the most complete Beatles album of Revolver wins! (8 of 10 tries)

  12. Come on, The White Album has EVERYTHING. For years I’d chuck Good Night at the end of every mixtape and nobody EVER seemed to know who had sung it. Beautiful, haunting stuff. And Helter Skelter? Blackbird? I’ll stop now…

  13. “A Hard Day’s Night” is the one that I always go back and listen to whenever I need to satisfy my Beatles kick.

  14. “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” Forever a classic!

  15. revolver because omg, those TNK tape loops

  16. Revolver. Eleanor Rigby and Tomorrow Never Knows still blow me away every time I hear them.

  17. Help. Just a lot of fun at the tail end of the pop-period and beginning of their experimental period, so it’s a nice mixture of both.

  18. Rubber Soul is my game.

  19. REVOLVER. Easily one of the most important rock records of all time…and one of my favorites.

  20. I Just like to “Let it be”

  21. The White Album will always be my pick.

  22. Rubber Soul fo shizzle

  23. The White Album, because it’s the other side of the ‘none more black’ coin. Yin-yang, and whatever.

  24. probably the white album, but maybe abbey road.

  25. I’m one of the few who like “Let It Be” the best. Mainly because my brother played it nonstop when I was a wee lad.

  26. White Album.

  27. Revolver, yo!

  28. rubber soul. ’cause my mom says so.

  29. White Album is in the desert island suitcase. Quality AND quantity.

  30. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, because that’s the stuff you can play on Rock Band while super sleepy and filled to the brim with alcohol.

  31. Sgt. Pepper. It was the first cassette I ever got. I’d love to try and be cool and say With The Beatles but Sgt. Pepper will always be first for me.

  32. Abbey Road, because it’s got a healthy dose of unexpected and some of the songs are rougher around the edges than most perfectly-turned out Beatles tunes. Which is just fine by me.

  33. It’s hard to pick but recently it’s Revolver.

  34. Help!
    For so many reasons, but especially for the George Harrison gem “I Need You”

  35. Sgt. Peppers, just for its leap in style and atmosphere

  36. Rubber Soul, In my most crucial part of my in life when I was down this brought me up thanks beatles

  37. Sgt Peppers is perfect from one side to the other, it truly demonstrates musical perfection.

  38. The White Album. It’s their most interesting and daring album.

  39. Sgt Peppers because it’s got “Lovely Rita” and I’m married to a Lovely Rita. (Cheesy I know, but its true, she’s not a meter maid though.) I WANNA WIN!

  40. White Album does it for me

  41. Abbey Road– the medley gets me everytime.

  42. REVOLVER! I remember being 13 years old and a friend gave me a copy that he had dubbed onto a blank tape for me. I put that tape in and I don’t think I stopped playing it for 2 years. My mind was blown and I was instantly hooked.

  43. Revolver for sure, as soon as Taxman comes on, that’s all that matters.

  44. I wrote a 40-page paper on the Beatles in college, “The Transformation of the Beatles 65-67″. This is the Rubber Soul-Revolver-Sgt.Pepper period, their best in my opinion.

    So, “Revolver”, it’s the perfect bridge, it sounds like every Beatles era all wrapped up together, with no filler. And “Tomorrow Never Knows”, c’mon…

  45. Revolver. One of the first CD’s I purchased with my money on my own as a kid in a store. Parents never got me into the Beatles, so I had to venture out on my own and discover them.

    Discover them I sure did. I haven’t looked back since.

  46. Revolver: She Said, I Want To Tell You, & Tomorrow Never Knows three of the best Beatles songs.

  47. Rubber Soul and Revolver are both so great and they compliment each other very well. For me Rubber Soul has a slight edge.

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