Zola Jesus

Maybe it’s a case of haunted souls recognizing each other, but if one more exceptionally talented, vaguely gothy indie singer covers a Rihanna hit, we’re going to have a trend on our hands. First, Bat For Lashes tried out Rihanna’s “We Found Love,” and now, a month later, Zola Jesus has recorded a swirling and glitchy take on Rihanna’s atmospheric, infernally catchy new single “Diamonds.” Hear the Zola Jesus version below.

I know it’s barely been a year since the last Zola Jesus album, but another one would sound pretty great right now. If Rihanna can keep cranking out LPs annually, so can Nika Roza Danilova.

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  1. Everytime someone covers Rihanna and somebody thinks it’s clever an angel gets shotgunned in the face.

  2. Big Zola Jesus fan here, but this is shit.

  3. didn’t get to the third minute, my nose started bleeding, was it the point ?

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