Purity Ring - "Lofticries" Video

I don’t know if it’s a seasonal affective disorder thing or what, but this is the week when almost all the really good videos got all dark and twisty and Lynchian and strange. Other than the Best Coast video, which stands in stark counterpoint to all the others, the videos below are what happens when wriggling minds conceive beautiful images and then managed to capture those images onscreen. There are some really, really good ones in there, and you can watch them below.

5. Best Coast – “Do You Love Me Like You Used To” (Dir. Mariana Blanco)

Enjoy the sunshine while you can, everyone, since this countdown is about to get heavy with creep-vibes. The general adorableness on display here is broad and obvious, and it comes perilously close to cute overload, but, I mean, look at those kids! They all look so nice! I wonder if Wavves is in the doghouse for not showing up for a quick cameo.

4. Sufjan Stevens – “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” (Dir. Aaron + Alex Craig)

I wonder about stage parents sometimes. Here we have this absolutely angelic kid running, in curls-bouncing slow-motion, through a Christmas-morning wonderland of people doing strange and fucked up things, all acting like they’re in the Lodge from Twin Peaks. And how is this child actress supposed to feel? Is she not supposed to have nightmares?

3. Sébastien Schuller – “Nightlife” (Dir. Emily Kai Bock)

The Miami nightclub scene rendered the way I’ve always pictured it: As a bleak and inhuman emotional hellscape, albeit one with lots of pretty lights. If Stanley Kubrick had directed the second season of Jersey Shore, I imagine it might’ve looked something like this.

2. Björk – “Mutual Core” (Dir. Andrew Thomas Huang)

Now we know why Björk’s spent all that time off tour: She needs to nurture her mysterious glowy-faced levitating rock creatures, at least until they’re old enough to mash their faces into each other and turn into volcanoes. Finally, it all makes sense!

1. Purity Ring – “Lofticries” (Dir. AG Rojas)

If they still made those Director’s Label DVDs for music-video directors (and I wish to god they did), AG Rojas would already have about half a DVD’s worth of brain-melting videos to his credit, and he’d be well on his way to getting his own. There’s no way to even describe this one without breaking the spell, so let’s just call it one of the best music videos of the year and leave it at that.

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  1. Beach House’s Wild has to be better than the mediocre Best Coast one.

  2. I thought the Lofticries video was really weak. Agree with the rest of the list though.

  3. A tie for 2nd place?
    Who is #1????????

    • Also the director for the Björk video is Andrew Thomas Huang.

      Check out his video “Solipsist” that likely got him picked by Björk:

      • crabtron  |   Posted on Nov 16th, 2012 +1

        I was thinking, “man, Emily Kai Bock really has range as a director if she did both of those videos.”

        I admit that I really like behind-the-head shots of people walking, so I liked the Purity ring video for that reason at least. Still, it almost felt like a watered-down Andreas Nilsson video, which just reinforces the apparent influence of the Knife on Purity Ring. And it’s definitely less of a “best video of the year” than Grimes’ Oblivion video, directed by Emily Kai Bock, a name that was also mentioned in the first sentence of my comment here in this comment section.

  4. I’ve loved all of AG Rojas’ videos.
    I really like that Purity Ring song.

    So why the hell do I not understand how that is one of the best videos of the year? Birth, Death, Creation, Life? Or something like that?

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  6. Oh, no, Tom: you forgot to include the newest Sigur Rós video for „Valtari“! It is so beautifully crafted, I almost cried when I was watching it. http://stereogum.com/1198162/sigur-ros-valtari-video-nsfw/mp3s/

    • My personal TOP5 this week:

      1) Sigur Rós “Valtari” – It’s a kind of magic – between people. Jaw-droppingly beautiful!
      2) Björk “Mutual Core” – It’s baffling and bombastic – in a good way.
      3) Beach House “Wild” – No Future in 2012.
      4) Sufjan Stevens “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” – Cute and weird, always a win!
      5) Sébastien Schuller “Nightlife” – A friend of mine loves his music. Never listened to it till today. It’s surprisingly good and the video is partly Chris-Cunningham-esque.

      Both Best Coast and Purity Ring used to release some greater videos: “Our Deal” (they should have stuck to Drew Barrymore who is a great music video director) and “Fineshrine” (mysterious as well, but at least that video had a plot).

  7. That purity ring video was incredibly meh. and yes i spotted odd scenes that somewhat tried to match the lyrics i suppose? but still mehh. No way it is one of the best this year

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