R.E.M. - "Blue" Video

It’s hard to say why this is just surfacing now, but the movie star and conceptual joker James Franco directed a video for “Blue,” a Patti Smith collaboration from R.E.M.’s 2011 album Collapse Into Now, that band’s final LP before breaking up. The video is full of blurry, double-exposed shots of Los Angeles, and it devotes a decent chunk of time to Terry Richardson photographing Lindsay Lohan, as well as to shots of Franco himself, filming footage of L.A. from a helicopter — presumably shot by someone in another helicopter. I can’t tell whether the video is supposed to give an impression of glamor, or whether it’s supposed to function as a critique of the idea of glamor. Probably both, I guess? In any case, you can watch it below.

Collapse Into Now is, of course, out now on Warner Bros.

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  1. That’s me in the corner, losing my lunch.

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  3. I didn’t bother watching video. I’ve just noticed Lindsay name. And I am here to say that she is one of the most beautiful women.

  4. Good, but it reminded the scene in Exit Through the Gift Shop when Banksy reacts to the movie made by Mr. Brainwash.

    • dude, you f*cking nailed it. This video got me so pissed, which is even more embarrassing.
      Rich kid big budget faux art school bullSh!t, trying to make eye candy out of vapid stock footage looking crap that they probably paid through the nose to shoot. From not one, but two helicopters.. F*ck them.. seriously..
      Franco biting the hand that feeds him, without any teeth. and the Lohan footage looks like it’s from a Terry Richardson shoot, which makes this even more soulless.
      to quote the Pistols, “We’re so pretty oh so pretty.. vacant.”

  5. play it and Country Feedback at the same time…

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