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A week and a half ago, Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne tweeted this: “Sorry Sorry Sorry!! Everyone that was inconvenienced because of my grenade at OKC airport!!” And apparently, he wasn’t kidding. He really brought a grenade, or something that looked like one, to Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City, causing TSA to shut down the airport and multiple travelers to miss their flights.

It hasn’t been confirmed or shown up in any regular news outlets yet, but the Oklahoma City blog the Lost Ogle has a long report from a passenger who missed a flight because of the grenade scare. There’s no word yet on what the thing was or why he had it, but there’s plenty of invective against Coyne, who apparently didn’t make too many friends that day. The Lost Ogle also has pictures of Coyne standing around awkwardly with TSA agents.

This should be a reminder to all eccentric entertainers: If you really need to take your grenade with you, take Amtrak. Thanks to Patrick for the tip.

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  1. He’s probably just going to release a new Flaming Lips recording embedded in a grenade, and this was him doing some pre-promotion for it.

  2. I fucking hate this guy.

  3. As an Oklahoman and a Flaming Lips fan, I really want to love Wayne Coyne, but he has NOT been doing himself any favors lately. He’s spent practically all of 2012 being a grade-A asshole.

  4. did he do it because of those stupid signs above the trash cans? they actually instruct you to put your grenades in the trash can if you happen to have one.

  5. Ego Tripping at Gate #42

  6. I really like Wayne but this is just dumb.

  7. Is his Twitter feed still mostly pics of his wife’s tits while she does yoga?

  8. For punishment, he should record a TSA jingle titled, “Do You Realize (That you can’t bring grenades on a plane? I didn’t, and now everyone on Stereogum thinks I’m an asshole. But Ke$ha really needed that grenade. It was going to be part of a hilarious gag gift at Bruno Mars’s birthday party. Still, no matter how awesome your reasons, perhaps consider mailing your grenades instead.)???” Or maybe something with a more pithy title. Either way, this is a teachable moment.

  9. He should just travel in his giant zorb. Cheaper than flying these days.

  10. i’m gonna go out on a limb here and say acid was involved.

  11. Judging by the photograph featured, I’d say Wayne might be entering his Charles Manson phase.

  12. The police report clearly showed this was a misunderstanding. Read it for yourself at http://t.co/vwtfSsyP

    Now, a week and a half after the issue was resolved, pathetic gossip sites like Lost Ogle make a “story” out of it…and other sites similarly desperate for traffic follow suit with the general conclusion Coyne is an attention whore.


    “Who’s using who? What should we do? Well, you can’t be a pimp and a prostitute too…”

  13. I laughed so hard when I saw this headline! :D This fucking guy…

  14. Saw a very fucking weird Lips show on the 4th. After the show he hit a local party house and entered with Cocaine, DMT, 8 girls dressed like Dorothy from The Wizard Of Ozz and Tubesocks. Not sure why he brought tubesocks.

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