Lana Del Rey - "Ride"

Ride,” Lana Del Rey’s stately new Rick Rubin-produced ballad, is the best song we’ve heard from LDR in quite some time. And now UNKLE, James Lavelle’s surviving trip-hop project, has turned it into an eight-minute downtempo ripple, which you can hear below.

Hear more “Ride” remixes here.

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  1. I used to think you were covering her every move because you thought we might be interested, but I have become convinced that you are just REALLY into her and you want everybody else to be too.

  2. been forever since i’ve heard of UNKLE

  3. I liked U.N.K.L.E. better when they were called DJ Shadow.

    • unkle went to poop as soon as they branched way out with the guest vocalist they’d use, they went from ian brown thom yorke and richard ashcroft to all these worthless american band singers, that’s when they totally lost me…plus the songs just weren’t that good. they lost that EDGE…that eye of the tiger, they need to go train with apollo creed i tell ya what.

      • Josh Homme, Mark Lanegan, Autolux, and the Black Angels are great artists, and if UNKLE has lost their edge, it’s got nothing to do with those people. I’ve certainly got noting against Thom Yorke or Richard Ashcroft, but the American artists I named have way more edge than those guys.

        • hahahahaha, that’s funny. Lanegan went from normal cool 90s singer to thinking he’s Leonard Cohen now, vomit city. Homme is someone who sings while he plays great guitar, probably more out of laziness than anything else. If you can find an article somewhere where he claims to be a great singer (or anyone else) let me know. The other 2 i’m not cool enough to know, but there were lots of other singers too, way too many lightweights who are all basically has-beens and were never that great in the first place. If I were them i’d go for more HQ female singers, a lot more of them than male out there, Karen O anyone, Shirley, PJ, Ladytron, Goldfrapp…

          • Lanegan has worked extensively with Queens of the Stone Age, and both his work in the Gutter Twins and his latest album contain plenty of music that is definitely rock, although I fail to see what’s wrong with doing more than one thing in your career. Josh Homme doesn’t have to make any claims about his vocals to be a talented vocalist. I think Homme has an interesting and expressive voice, and so do Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones. Given their musical pasts, I’m going to hazard a guess that those guys are better qualified to judge vocal talent than you. I’ll bet you like Oasis.

          • i’ll reply to myself since they won’t let me retort to you…All the singers you just listed i can promise you will never EVER claim to be great vocalists, they sing because they CAN, in tune, and with fairly distinctive styles…but that doesn’t mean one is a great vocalist. talents musician overall etc, sure, but that’s about it. Homme’s a great guy but his vox are pretty boring overall, not exactly mr dynamic, same with Grohl, who is basically the king of yelling in-tune. And you can bet I like Oasis all you want, the only song by them i ever liked was Supersonic, Liam’s a worthless nasally singing prick, he’s literally turning into Bob Dylan if you’ve heard him on live lately-see Letterman etc. But like I said, there’s way more HQ female vocalists out there than male. David Gilmore’s always been a boring singer too, lots of famous good musicians are boring singers who barely ‘get the job done.’ But if the songs are good enough, people can look past it.

          • Do you know what indie rock is? Highly distinctive, expressive voices that remain in tune are what people who listen to that genre of music generally consider to be great. UNKLE is clearly intentionally choosing indie-rock vocalists (99% of whom would never claim to be great, just because they aren’t boastful jerks), so their definition for “great” would be someone like Kurt Cobain (whom I realize was on a major label but obviously his style was rooted in a punk/indie rock aesthetic). It’s not opera, and even the list of rock vocalists overall whom would be considered classically great by, say, a chorus teacher, is actually quite short. I can guarantee you that Thom Yorke would not make the cut by those standards. Now unless you want to recruit a bunch of metal vocalists, you’re down to Corin Tucker, Dax Riggs, and if you’re willing to cheat on the indie part, Chris Cornell.

  4. This is my comment about you guys posting LDR stuff and how awful she is since no one has ever mentioned it before.

  5. I found out Lindstrom did a 9 minute remix of LDR’s “Blue Velvet” cover. I rather enjoyed it!

  6. lol that shirt is jokes guy.

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