Prince - "Rock And Roll Love Affair" Video

Prince’s video for his new single “Rock And Roll Love Affair” is nothing more than a casual soundstage-performance clip, but it’s worth watching anyway, for one particularly bald bit of innuendo and for the sight of Prince effortlessly playing guitar and keyboard simultaneously. Prince, as you may have noticed, is a talented man. Watch it below.

“Rock And Roll Love Affair” is out now on Purple Music.

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  1. Hannah Ford on the drums. Nice!

    The song? Eh. Nice. I guess. It’s better than some of his recent efforts, but it still has none of the magic most of his fans are waiting for.

  2. Not true. I’m a massive Prince fan and this is the closest he’s come in a few years. Its definitely better than anything off his last two albums, though I doubt many people outside of Target shoppers and his die hard fanbase heard either of those.
    It sounds better each time I hear it, and I love how black it is. Now if only we can get an album with this lineup. Andy Allo is seriously growing on me.

  3. I’m a big fan also and this song is pleasant enough. We all know he can do better though.

  4. Eh, that was pretty awful. Sounds like something Bonnie Raitt should be singing.

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